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Yellow light bulbs and ice cream sodas

It’s funny the way memory works.  The way images and feelings are tucked away safely in little pockets of the mind, and often forgotten until the right combination of music or smells or words brings them out once again. I hadn’t thought much about the summer weeks we used to spend at my grandparents’ house […]

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All dressed up and noplace to go

I’ve been thinking a lot about pillowcase dresses.  I’ve made two before, and enjoyed the process.  My main problem is not having all that many little girls in my life to give them to.  There’s always sewing for charity and for gifts, and I’ve done both, but there’s also the idea that maybe I could […]

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It wasn’t me this time!

You know how when you are short on blog material and wondering where your next post will come from, and nature decides to help you out by dropping a tree on your van or your power lines? No? Maybe that’s just me. Well, anyway, some wicked storm ripped through here yesterday pelting the neighborhood with […]

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The book pile, volume two

I do so love crafty books.  If I had unlimited funds, I’d run right out and stock my own creative library.  How fabulous would that be??  Sadly, funds are anything but unlimited, but I do get to treat myself now and then.  Since all of the books in my inspiration pile have cycled onto the […]

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Handful of Randomness

It’s raining. Pretty hard.  What a great morning to sit by an open window with a quilt on your lap, eating the last of the blueberry pound cake, and sipping vanilla coffee.  I’ll have to imagine that coffee part, since we’re all out of milk and I just can’t bring myself to drink it black.  […]

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The 1970’s were designed by young boys

That must be the answer.  Sarcastically over lunch today, I asked my nine-year-old if he’d like me to make him a fake fur bedspread.  “Sure,” he said. Turning to the six-year-old, who I’d hoped had more fashion sense than his brother: “How would you like to live in a room like this?” Him: “ok.” Me: […]

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