Polka Dot Cottage polymer clay tools prove that utilitarian doesn’t have to equal boring! I apply polymer clay to common crafting and business tools in order beautify them and, in some cases, improve their ergonomics.

A pen is still a pen when it has a millefiori barrel, but oh, isn’t it so much nicer to hold, and a pleasure to look at?

Some tools, such as crochet hooks, become easier to use when given a polymer clay handle. Arthritic hands that may have difficulty grasping a normal metal hook find their crocheting endurance greatly improved.

Polymer clay is strong and durable. I have built up a large library of signature polymer clay patterns and colors that I apply to the tools. The tools are then cured until hard. Once the clay is hardened, I vigorously wet sand each piece through several grits of sandpaper until smooth. I then buff it on a buffing wheel until it shines. I use no sealers or paints. The color is present in the polymer clay itself, and the shine is the result of good old fashioned elbow grease.

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Showing all 8 results