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She sews!

Built by Wendy 3835 Modified

I needed some new tops to wear to work, so I went back to my old, easy standby: Built by Wendy, Simplicity 3835. I’ve been sewing this pattern for 11 years! It’s the first shirt I learned to sew, and it’s still the easiest. It’s got nothing in the way of shaping, so no fussy darts to mess with. And the simple pattern shapes are easy to modify.

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Fancy doo-dads for the sewing / quilting crowd

Many of you already know that I take plain crochet hooks and add snazzy polymer clay handles to them (and if you don’t know that, you can see what I mean here). Every since I started doing this, I’ve been on the lookout for tools I could supply to the knitters out there. So far, […]

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