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It wasn’t me this time!

You know how when you are short on blog material and wondering where your next post will come from, and nature decides to help you out by dropping a tree on your van or your power lines? No? Maybe that’s just me. Well, anyway, some wicked storm ripped through here yesterday pelting the neighborhood with […]

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Handful of Randomness

It’s raining. Pretty hard.  What a great morning to sit by an open window with a quilt on your lap, eating the last of the blueberry pound cake, and sipping vanilla coffee.  I’ll have to imagine that coffee part, since we’re all out of milk and I just can’t bring myself to drink it black.  […]

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A Month of Hands

I’m eager to get into a new daily photography project, and here it is:  A Month of Hands.  Won’t you join me? Our hands are always busy, always making art, preparing meals, helping children, keeping journals, driving vehicles, holding doors open, tying shoelaces, applying nail polish, picking berries… all of those things and many, many […]

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Hands and nightstands

Becky from Whosies commented on a recent post and let me know about her Nightstand Play Along.  I snapped a picture of mine this morning.  To be honest, the nightstand is probably the neatest spot in my bedroom (notice how I rarely photograph any other section of the room?  Life as seen through the lens […]

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