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The 1970’s were designed by young boys

Holy Seventies!

That must be the answer.  Sarcastically over lunch today, I asked my nine-year-old if he’d like me to make him a fake fur bedspread.  “Sure,” he said.

Holy Seventies!

Turning to the six-year-old, who I’d hoped had more fashion sense than his brother: “How would you like to live in a room like this?”

Him: “ok.”

Me: “really?”

Him: “Yeah, I like it.”

Proof enough for me.  The seventies were designed by young boys.

Holy Seventies!

I came across this too-cheesy-to-pass-up sewing book at a used book shop today, and thought $2 was well worth the entertainment it would bring me.  I’m all over those ’70’s sheets and pillowcases that pop up in thrift shops – love the bold patterns and funky colors.  They are fabulous accents when paired with a more reasonable neutral background.  In fact, the sheet that they used to make all of these closet accessories is the same one that I got an 18×22 piece of in a swap and later turned into this nifty bag.  I love the bag, but no way do I want to cover my entire bedroom in this pattern.  One small quarter-yard piece is plenty for me.

How was it that I managed to forget that thirty (nearly forty!) years ago, all of that color and pattern was not relegated to “accent” status, but was truly the main attraction?  Selective memory, perhaps?

Holy Seventies!

If this were my kitchen, I would most likely claw my eyes out over breakfast.

Holy Seventies!

“Not tonight, honey, I have a plaid-and-gingham-induced headache.”

Holy Seventies!

Here’s the least offensive room in the whole book.  Replace the fabric wall hanging with a nice painting, re-cover the couch with a dark solid neutral, paint the walls a pale aqua color, and maybe I could live there without going blind.

Holy Seventies!

If you ever catch me feeling nostalgic for that “vintage seventies style,” please remind me of this:  it is revisionist history that remembers those fun florals and geometrics as tastefully-used accent pieces instead of the riotous explosion of color that they truly were.

And then slap me upside the head for good measure 😀

Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “The 1970’s were designed by young boys

  1. I hear you sister! You know, my own sister has a countertop that color. With dark brown paneling, too.

    There are some lines I won’t cross. For instance, brownish mushroom prints are off limits. You know the ones – they decorated kitchens for far too long. In fact, any brown 70s print is off limits. Where they found that brown is beyond me.
    .-= See Suzanne’s latest blog post: Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes =-.

  2. That truly IS some great entertainment. That red/white/blue living room gives me a stomach ache though! And that matchy-matchy closet is hilarious! You got yourself some good times right there.
    .-= See Nikki/WhiMSy love’s latest blog post: Hanging Bedside Organizer =-.

  3. Ooh! Those fabrics are painful! I can’t imagine living with decor like that… It was bad enough when I was a kid (in the 70’s) and my folks had decorated our living room in pumpkin orange with matte black accents, a burnt orange shag rug and a huge wrought iron light fixture. It was very Halloweeny and kind of scary. They’ve improved since then.
    .-= See Laura’s latest blog post: Anaya bracelet – karmabeads =-.

  4. I’m not a fan of any kind of yellow. I give myself permission to continue that disdain, guiltfree, after seeing all the pureed squash yellow in those photos, ugh. It is the only color family I just cannot get into and since like beets are the only food I won’t eat, I think I’m entitled to not like one color family, so there. 😀

    Egads, those are the best anti drug PSA EVER, LOL.

  5. Holy cow, that last photo looks almost identical to my grandmother’s bathroom. ROFL

    Good laugh, thanks for posting it 🙂
    .-= See Vickie Heully’s latest blog post: This is What Happens When You Give a Toddler Pepsi =-.

  6. ow, ow my eyes!

    I have vague memories (and a few dishes, some horrifying curtains and harvest gold containers) of 1970s decor that need never see the light of day again.
    .-= See Elaine’s latest blog post: Baking Makes Me Happy =-.

  7. omg- what a laugh riot!

  8. […] I’m not sure what made her think of me with these things – I am not exactly Retro Girl – but it was strangely serendipitous that she would find these books at roughly the same time that I was on vacation in Massachusetts discovering another priceless gem from the 1970’s. […]

  9. Ha Ha Ha. The 70’s were pretty ugly!

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