Loom Knitting

It took me several attempts before I finally figured out how to knit with needles. Before then, I was happy to have loom knitting. It scratched the knitting itch, and was much easier to learn!

Whether you are a loom knitter because you can’t figure out the needles, or you are a loom knitter because you happen to enjoy it, I hope you’ll like a few of my favorite patterns. Loom knitting lends itself well to rectangular or tube-shaped knits with little to no shaping involved. For me, this has translated mostly into neckwarmers.

I tend to think that loom knitting gets an unjustifiably bad reputation among needle knitters. This is why I like to share designs with interesting stitch patterns. It’s nice to see that loom knitting is more versatile than people may realize!

These loom knitting patterns and tutorials feature the patterns themselves, plus optional tutorial sections with step-by-step photos. You can choose the version that is best for your skill level.

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Showing all 4 results