Partnerships, affiliates, and disclaimers

(oh my!)

The trust of my readership is very important to me, and so I want you to understand my views on advertising, affiliate programs, and paid reviews.

The nutshell version:

There are links, ads, and reviews on this site that can earn me commissions, but they don’t drive what I do or say here, and as much as is possible they reflect my own interests and values.

The wordy version:

In the spirit of full disclosure, I want to be clear about these things:

  • I belong to several affiliate programs, and sometimes the links you see within my blog posts are affiliate links.  When you click on them, I have the potential of making a small commission.
  • Some of the advertising in the right sidebar or at the end of the page comes from affiliate links.  I use these programs as defaults when I have open ad spaces that haven’t sold.
  • I do, on occasion, accept compensation for writing reviews.  Generally, this takes the form of a publisher sending me a free book in exchange for blogging my honest opinion of the book.

That being said…

  • I choose my affiliate partners carefully, either by reputation, or from my own experience with them.
  • I am frequently re-evaluating the ads that appear here to make sure that they send the right message and advertise products that I can get behind.  Sometimes the ad networks I belong to serve up something I’m not too keen on, but generally they do a very good job of being appropriate.  And when they don’t, I tweak my settings, or I get rid of the network altogether.
  • If you do buy something through an ad or affiliate link, your identity is not shared with me – your shopping habits remain anonymous and private.
  • If I have received any compensation for blogging a product, I will disclose that fact within the post, and I will always give my honest, unbiased opinion.

It’s my goal to keep any money-making opportunities appropriate, tasteful, aesthetically pleasing, and absolutely secondary to the point of this blog (which is to post about the things I love, and have fun doing it).

Thanks for your support!