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Ginger Peach and Plum Crisp

Small bowl of Ginger Peach and Plum Crisp, ready to eat

I made up this new dessert, based on my Wineberry Crisp recipe. Instead of wineberries it would feature the flavors of a brown betty that I made half a lifetime ago. But I had a bit of a mental block about the primary ingredients, that I only realized mid-recipe-assembly. Oops! Despite that, the end result was good enough to share. So here it is 😋

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Wherein I spend several paragraphs talking about how I might be getting bored of writing photography-based posts, and then write a photography-based post. I explore the question, “why are my ocean photos often not as great as being there?” and I give you a peek at my new camera (and the first few images from it).

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The Otherworldly Vibe of Lomochrome Turquoise

I took Lomochrome Turquoise film to the beach, the swamp, the farm, the river, and the coffee shop. In some cases it looked like a whole other planet (for better or for worse), and in others it resulted in just a pleasant teal tinge. Take a look!

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July’s Mini Adventures

There were some really lovely spots where I only went for an hour or two last month, alongside the bigger trips I’ve already shared with you. Rather than give each of these their own blog post, I thought I’d put all of my favorite photos here in one place, and just show you the highlights. Take a look!

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Sun-Kissed Cardigan

I haven’t completed a knit or crochet item in seven months! It took summer to spur me into action. It took the desire for a lacey cotton cardigan to take with me on our casual nights out. And it took wanting something handmade and lovely to throw over my shoulders if the ocean breeze got to be too much.

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