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From Grandma’s table to my hips

I’ve had a small pile of fabric set aside for the last three months. In that stack was: two thrifted pillowcases in a lovely pink, yellow, and aqua stripe a roll of polka-dot grosgrain ribbon in dark brown and aqua my grandmother’s tablecloth, white with a yellow, pink, and aqua floral border These were to […]

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Yellow light bulbs and ice cream sodas

It’s funny the way memory works.  The way images and feelings are tucked away safely in little pockets of the mind, and often forgotten until the right combination of music or smells or words brings them out once again. I hadn’t thought much about the summer weeks we used to spend at my grandparents’ house […]

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Opportunities lost

I spent a good portion of my day behind the sewing machine.  I made a few more head scarves from Weekend Sewing – those things are just what I need for keeping my long hair out of my face when I’m leaning over a project, or (more importantly) out of my eyes and my mouth […]

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