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Seasonal reading

I can tell that summer is on its way just by looking at my coffee table reading. Knitting and Crocheting books are gradually making room for food books and memoirs, or those best-of-both-worlds kind of books: food memoirs. I suppose I’ve become a bit predictable in recent years, but what can I say? My interests […]

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Rechargeable batteries

Sometimes all of the little Things to Do of my day align in a perfect way, and culminate in a special pocket of Me Time: an hour or so to be away from home, enjoying a favorite drink, flipping through a pile of books and magazines, daydreaming a bit… And on rare occasions, I even […]

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The book pile, volume two

I do so love crafty books.  If I had unlimited funds, I’d run right out and stock my own creative library.  How fabulous would that be??  Sadly, funds are anything but unlimited, but I do get to treat myself now and then.  Since all of the books in my inspiration pile have cycled onto the […]

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Nerdy, but in a crafty book-loving kind of way

Happy Friday! These are some of my most recent Flickr favorites. I just love seeing what beautiful things my contacts and fellow group members are photographing. You can click on the image for complete photo credits. You may (or may not) have noticed a little bit of blog housekeeping this week, in the form of […]

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The book pile, volume one

Every year in May I go a little bit book crazy.  I think, maybe, after several years of receiving birthday cards with Barnes & Noble gift cards tucked inside, I’ve become conditioned to mine my wish list for some creative reading, as my special day approaches.  I spend much of May mentally spending any birthday […]

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Whatever you wish for

I hope you don’t mind if I put on my sales hat for a moment.  I hate wearing that thing, but if I leave it off for too long, I don’t sell things, and if I don’t sell things, I can’t buy more craft supplies (or, more importantly, supplement my family’s income) and we just […]

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I never showed you this fabric that arrived a few weeks ago. I got a fantastic deal on the three colors of jersey and the Irish linen on the bottom. $2/yard or less, if I remember correctly. It made the $16/yard price tag on the top fabric much easier to swallow. That top fabric is […]

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