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The 1970’s were designed by young boys

That must be the answer.  Sarcastically over lunch today, I asked my nine-year-old if he’d like me to make him a fake fur bedspread.  “Sure,” he said. Turning to the six-year-old, who I’d hoped had more fashion sense than his brother: “How would you like to live in a room like this?” Him: “ok.” Me: […]

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Attack of the drooling zombies

It’s been a full few days.  Eamonn and I baked bread yesterday – a delicious loaf from the bread machine cookbook I could not live without, called Maple Buttermilk Bread.  I wish that I had altered the recipe in some way so that I could freely share it with you, but I did not.  It […]

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Truly embracing handmade?

Hi, friends.  I was taking a breather after scrubbing the kitchen clean a little while ago, and I started thinking about the idea of a Handmade Christmas.  As you probably know, I am giving everyone on my list at least one handmade item this year (even if it’s just as small as an ornament).  What […]

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More food for thought

The ownership and accusation discussion is still attracting a few comments here and there, but has died down for the most part. Because I somehow ended up consumed by this topic again today, I thought I would share with you some links where related observations and conversations have been happening. Just in case you haven’t […]

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Ownership, sharing and accusation

[edited March 20, 2008: I think we had some good discussion here for a while, but we’ve gone from respectful disagreement to finger-pointing and sniping. And I’m not saying I haven’t been a participant in this facet of the discussion, but I do feel it needs to stop. That was never what I had in […]

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Blogging under the influence

Under the influence of TV, that is. I put it on simply to break up the silence, but to my surprise, Saturday Night Live is actually funny tonight. I haven’t been able to relegate it to the background like I’d planned. Maybe it’s because of where I am in my own life at this particular […]

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