My Cameras

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Primary Cameras

These are the cameras responsible for most of my current blog photography.


My main digital and film SLR cameras are both Canons, so they can share some lenses. The digital camera has a cropped sensor and a mount that accepts both EF (full-frame) and EF-S (cropped-sensor) lenses. The film camera, by its very nature, is a full-frame camera and can only use EF lenses. So the two cameras can share any EF lenses, but the EF-S lenses are strictly for the cropped-sensor digital.

For everyday photography, I generally use a standard prime lens on both cameras:

Fun fact: when you use a lens on a camera with a cropped sensor, you can multiply the lens focal length by the camera’s crop factor to give you the full-frame focal length equivalent.

For the Canon 80D, the crop factor is 1.6. Multiply the 35mm lens I use every day by 1.6 and you get 56mm. That means that I get ever so slightly closer to my subject with the 35mm on the 80D than I do with the 50mm on the Canon Rebel 2000 film camera. The 6mm difference is minimal, though, and it is essentially the same view.

Here are some other lenses that I use when I need a bigger range of focal lengths:

Many of these lenses are not available new anymore, but you can probably find some of them on eBay for a steal. I don’t buy much camera equipment, but when I think of something I want, I usually check eBay first. Buying used or refurbished has saved me a bundle. Here’s a sample search for Canon lenses under $50 to get you started. You can tweak it to fit your own criteria.

Previous Cameras Used on This Blog

I started this blog in 2005, and I’ve gone through a few cameras and smartphones in that time.

Other Cameras

Instant Cameras

I’ve been enchanted by the romance of instant photography. The reality for me has been less romantic, though. I’m not as good at it as I’d like to be. Or maybe I just need to surrender to the serendipity of it all. See my posts with instant photos in them.

Vintage Film Cameras

These vintage film cameras have mostly been gifts. For the longest time I used some of them just for decoration. But now that I’ve gotten into film photography, I’ve found myself trying them out and exploring how to use them. See my posts with 35mm film photos in them.


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