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Custom-fit Mug Cozy

So I’ve been staring at the smiling Hershey Kiss on this garage sale travel mug for at least two years.  I’ve never liked it, and I often think about scribbling over it with a Sharpie. Today I decided to take action in a much more attractive way.  If you have your own straight-sided, handled cup […]

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Cozy coffee

I’ve had the main out-of-print Bleeker Street fabric, the flannel lining, the quilt batting and the fancy button set aside for this little project since last December, but then Christmas came, and my focus was needed elsewhere, and well, you know how that goes.  I unearthed the little bundle of supplies again when I cleaned […]

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Speaking of playing with cameras

I got an early birthday present this week!   Isn’t it pretty? First thing I did (aside from take a boatload of pictures) was rip apart the Canon-branded strap it came with and replace it with a new one.  I made this patchwork strap from scraps that were leftover when I made my beach blanket last […]

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A blur of fabric and clay

If I wasn’t so full right now from my take-out supper, I’d be curled up in my pj’s sipping a cup of vanilla coffee as I write this.  Actually, I’m too full for the coffee, but not for the pj’s.  Hm.  Hang on a moment while I go change…  There.  That’s much better. So, ready […]

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Sneak Peek

It’s been a quiet week on the blog, but not so in Real Life™.  The kids started school on Tuesday, and this being the first year that both of them have a full day schedule, it’s been rather odd for me.  I certainly have enough to keep me busy, but it’s hard to get out […]

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A matter of the utmost importance

Busy busy busy day today, but I think I can spare just a moment to discuss something that I know is on everyone’s mind today: Scarves. Don’t try to deny it.  You’ve been preoccupied for the last several days, wondering how you will ever keep your neck warm as the weather turns more and more […]

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Viral cleanliness

Yesterday I cleaned up the parts of the kitchen that I need on a regular basis, namely the sink and the counter tops.  Today, I tackled the table, which has served as a favorite dumping ground recently.  When it was all cleared-off & shined-up, I realized it would look so much warmer if a Fall […]

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