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Tush cushion

There’s a road trip in my not-so-distant future, and it involves my 10-year-old car, which I do love, but which also causes a fair amount of discomfort on any drive that lasts longer than an hour.  It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t notice tooling around town, but sit in the same spot for too […]

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Opportunities lost

I spent a good portion of my day behind the sewing machine.  I made a few more head scarves from Weekend Sewing – those things are just what I need for keeping my long hair out of my face when I’m leaning over a project, or (more importantly) out of my eyes and my mouth […]

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A Month of Hands

I’m eager to get into a new daily photography project, and here it is:  A Month of Hands.  Won’t you join me? Our hands are always busy, always making art, preparing meals, helping children, keeping journals, driving vehicles, holding doors open, tying shoelaces, applying nail polish, picking berries… all of those things and many, many […]

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