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Riding the rails

Last weekend we took a train ride.  We missed the first leg of the journey – the train chugged right past us, as we were pulling into the station – but we went up and got our prepaid tickets from the counter anyway, and were told that we could meet up with the train in […]

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Handful of Randomness

It’s raining. Pretty hard.  What a great morning to sit by an open window with a quilt on your lap, eating the last of the blueberry pound cake, and sipping vanilla coffee.  I’ll have to imagine that coffee part, since we’re all out of milk and I just can’t bring myself to drink it black.  […]

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Change of plans

I had some sewing planned for today. For starters, I wanted to fix my duvet cover, which I did finish after midnight last night, only to find that I had somehow measured my bedspread as being 20 inches longer than it really was. I have all of this extra material now, and will have to […]

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