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A crafty tale

Once upon a time there was an artsy-craftsy geek-girl who was planning a four-day weekend in the Boston area.  She was just learning to crochet.  She had also recently read a glowing review of a new fabric and yarn shop in Cambridge.  These three facts came together in a craftacular way, as you might imagine… […]

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The 1970’s were designed by young boys

That must be the answer.  Sarcastically over lunch today, I asked my nine-year-old if he’d like me to make him a fake fur bedspread.  “Sure,” he said. Turning to the six-year-old, who I’d hoped had more fashion sense than his brother: “How would you like to live in a room like this?” Him: “ok.” Me: […]

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The Simpsons, Some Rats & Color Week

Here’s a recent family portrait, courtesy of The Simpsons Movie. I wasted far too much time on that site this morning. Neil designed his own avatar, and I did mine & the kids, although the boys did pick out their own outfits (if you couldn’t guess…) Thanks a lot, Neil, for sending me that and […]

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