Stud Earrings


Tiny and colorful polymer clay stud earrings in brass frames. Polymer design may be ordered flush with the frame, or topped with a dimensional blob of clear shiny resin.

  • In Stock
  • Made to Order
  • 6mm Hexagon
  • 6mm Square
  • 8mm Circle
  • Flat Matte
  • Flat Shiny
  • Shiny Dimensional Resin
  • Blue & Gold Jubilee
  • Blue & Gold Retro
  • Blue & Gold Tortoise
  • Blue Afghan
  • Blue Calico
  • Blue Jubilee
  • Blue Retro
  • Blue Tortoise
  • Brown & Gold Jubilee
  • Brown & Gold Retro
  • Brown & Gold Tortoise
  • Candy Jubilee
  • Citrus Jubilee
  • Comicbook Retro
  • Cubicle Glass
  • Cubicle Parquet
  • Cubicle Retro
  • Cubicle Storybook
  • Olive Jubilee
  • Pink Calico
  • Pink Jubilee
  • Pink Tortoise
  • Rainbow Afghan
  • Rainbow Floral
  • Rainbow Jubilee
  • Rainbow Retro
  • Rainbow Tortoise
  • Seafoam Glass
  • Seafoam Jubilee
  • Seaside Afghan
  • Seaside Calico
  • Seaside Jubilee
  • Seaside Retro
  • Seaside Squares
  • Seaside Tortoise
  • Spring Afghan
  • Spring Calico
  • Spring Jubilee
  • Spring Retro
  • Spring Tortoise
  • Swamp Afghan
  • Swamp Calico
  • Swamp Jubilee
  • Swamp Retro
  • Swamp Tortoise
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These colorful handmade stud earrings start with tiny brass frames in various shapes. I fill the frames with a veneer of one of my signature polymer clay millefiori designs, and an optional dollop of clear resin. The posts are stainless steel.

Polymer is colorful and doesn’t require any paints. I insert the raw polymer veneers into the frames, and then attach the posts to the backs by encasing them in liquid polymer clay. This eliminates the need for glue. After I’ve baked the earrings, I may add a drop of resin to the front of each stud in order to give them shine and dimension. The resin is left to harden for at least 3 days before shipping.

If you don’t like a dimensional shiny top, you can order these studs without the resin. You will get a flat matte or shiny top, which is flush to the brass frame, instead.

These are great short-hair earrings. They’re work wardrobe friendly, and great for casual times, too, when dangly earrings might feel too dressy.

Due to the fact that these items are handmade, and each one is unique, pattern placement and scale may vary from that depicted in the pattern sample swatches. When choosing a design, keep in mind that only a tiny portion of the shown patterns can fit inside the brass frames. Small scale patterns like Calico work best.

Additional information

Weight0.0625 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × .25 in
Stock Status

In Stock, Made to Order

Stud Shape

6mm Hexagon, 6mm Square, 8mm Circle


Flat Matte, Flat Shiny, Shiny Dimensional Resin


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