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So, I thought it was still October

But then this happened, and made me doubt myself.. It was quiet and it was pretty.  But then this happened and made me a little nervous… A branch on this tree (you know, the three that routinely tosses big sticks at our vehicles?) cracked under the weight of the leaves and snow and came to […]

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It wasn’t me this time!

You know how when you are short on blog material and wondering where your next post will come from, and nature decides to help you out by dropping a tree on your van or your power lines? No? Maybe that’s just me. Well, anyway, some wicked storm ripped through here yesterday pelting the neighborhood with […]

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What is it with me and the trees?

Two years ago, a relatively small tree fell in the back yard while we were out. Last year, a real monstrosity of a tree was ripped up by a wind storm, twisted around, and deposited all over our front yard. This morning, I heard an odd crackling noise, looked out the window and saw this: […]

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The sound of chainsaws in the morning

I think I’m over my pity party regarding my van.  Thank you for attending .  Now I’m just struck by the immenseness of all this. That’s a whole lotta tree.  It’s awfully cool in a “destructive force of nature that thankfully hurt no one” kind of way. Look at the size of that tree trunk!  […]

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Gutsy gusts and such

There’s a wind storm here tonight.  Look what happened to my poor, beautiful van.  A really big tree came down and knocked into another tree, which dropped a big branch onto the van.  The original fallen tree is stretched across our driveway and half of our front yard, blocking us in. I’m thankful that it […]

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If a tree falls in the yard…

…and no one is home to hear it fall, does it still make a sound? I don’t actually know. All I can say is that I’m glad it didn’t fall two days earlier when we were under it picking berries, and I’m glad I decided to skip berry-picking last night and run out to buy […]

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