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Going green

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Back in college, I thought it would be fun to dye my hair purple.  And for the last six years, I’ve been entertaining thoughts of  cherry red chunks of color – one on each side of my part.  Both fun and artsy ideas, that I have never had the guts to try.  So, here I am, on the cusp of a new hair cut, knowing that before the summer is over (maybe even before the week is over) I’ll be cutting off approximately ten inches of hair and going back to a chin-length style.  Why not have a last little bit of fun with the long hair?

I took my nine-year-old with me to the drug store to pick out some dye last night, and told him that if he wanted a little fluff of color in the front of his hair, I wouldn’t mind.  He was game, and we spent the next ten minutes debating the merits of blue over purple and green over red.

I got talked into green.

Going green

And it’s not so much “chunks” as it is wild strands of varying intesities of green & strawberry blonde.  Not exactly what I was going for, but fun nonetheless.

I don’t think I left the dye in long enough.  Either that, or I just didn’t saturate the hair enough with it.  While I like the chartreusey color I ended up with, it kind of reminds me of a blond dye job gone horribly wrong.  That’s why, as I type, I have more green glop atop my head.

Before I go in for a hair cut, I may just add a little blue to the mix.

This is as much fun as tub-dying my t-shirts 😀

Going green

I wonder what I’ll look like tomorrow?

[edited to say, this 15hair is what I look like tomorrow.  Definitely appears more intentional now.]

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13 thoughts on “Going green

  1. I’ve always wanted to go pink, but been too chicken.
    The reason why you didn’t get that green is because you’re supposed to bleach your hair bleach blond first to get the true green color. Although, that color looks rather neat lol

    1. I did bleach it! Funny thing is, tonight I re-greened, and I put it on a few places that I hadn’t bleached – it ended up being much more vibrant in those darker places. Who knew?!

  2. Too wonderful for words. You go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yup – I always leave my purple on for about 50-60 minutes before I wash it out! =)

    1. Really? The box said 30, and I may have jumped the gun even on that. If I do it again, I’ll definitely go longer. Although, if I do it again, I think it will be with my original plan of red.

  4. I had the typical “black that looks blue when the light shines on it” hair in high school and into college. It went nicely with my matte red lipstick, Doc Martins, and angst.
    .-= See dani@little fists’s latest blog post: Crochetfest =-.

    1. Haha! That is a very nice color to go with angst 😀

  5. I love green, everything in green, but I wouldn’t have the guts to dye my hair in my favorite color… but why not…

    1. I have to admit I’m having second thoughts!

  6. I love reading your blog and this is my first comment here. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2006 and was told I would be undergoing chemo. So since my hair was going to fall out anyway, I decided to give it a going away party. I went to the salon where they stripped all the color out of my hair and then dyed it pink…hot HOT PINK! And for two weeks I had totally fabulous breast cancer awareness pink hair 🙂 And I’d do it again in a heart beat. Hugs!
    .-= See Cindy ‘s latest blog post: It’s HOT y’all!! =-.

  7. Hi, I’m starting up a site and in the middle of creating somewhat diverse articles. Would you object if I blog about this? Obviously I will give you and this post full credit.

    1. I’m not sure I see what this has to do with apple trees, but if you want to link to it, I don’t object. 🙂

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