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I was kept awake all night by howling wind and rain pelting my windows. Oh, the yard looks calm now, but trust me. It’s wiiiiindyyyyyyyyy. Sure, most of the trees that have potential to damage the house (or us) fell victim to previous storms (one, two, three) or just randomly fell on their own (four, […]

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Oh, March.

Oh, March, I am coming to dread you ever year.  When you’re not visiting unfortunate loss upon us (2007), theatrically raining destruction over our front yard (2008), or infecting us with the flu (2009), you are bringing a weekend storm replete with whipping winds, driving rains, power outages, and flooded basements. I’m not superstitious by […]

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It wasn’t me this time!

You know how when you are short on blog material and wondering where your next post will come from, and nature decides to help you out by dropping a tree on your van or your power lines? No? Maybe that’s just me. Well, anyway, some wicked storm ripped through here yesterday pelting the neighborhood with […]

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The sound of chainsaws in the morning

I think I’m over my pity party regarding my van.  Thank you for attending .  Now I’m just struck by the immenseness of all this. That’s a whole lotta tree.  It’s awfully cool in a “destructive force of nature that thankfully hurt no one” kind of way. Look at the size of that tree trunk!  […]

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