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More sewing and a little contest

Yesterday I made the apron I’d been planning to make, and it only took me a hour! The first one I made took twice as long. I guess I’m getting the hang of this sewing thing… Here are some flickr pictures for your viewing pleasure. I had enough fabric left to make a tote bag, […]

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A little freedom is dangerous for the wallet.

So the Other Half takes the Sons over to his parents’ house this afternoon and comes back with a power washer but without the boys. Now, I love my children dearly, but the prospect of an evening without the duties of parenthood looming kind of makes me giddy Other Half asks me what I’d like […]

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Inspiration Overload?

I can’t believe I’m actually thinking of making myself an apron, or buying one from some talented Etsyan. Suddenly I’m feeling all 50’s housewifeish (without the clean house and dinner on the table, that is). It started around a month ago when I first moved my clay-related rss feeds into the new-to-me Google reader. Since […]

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