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Bookish: 6 recent titles for crafty peeps

Periodically publishers send me free books to review. I love this. So now I am going to tell you all about them so that the publishers keep sending me more, please 🙂

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Upcycled Chalkboard-Topped Jar

Got peanut butter jars? Here’s a little craft I did two days before Christmas, when I was frazzled beyond belief. I tell you this both to prove to you how easy it is, and to demonstrate how utterly crazy I am to photograph a tutorial when I should have been unearthing the dining room table. […]

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Baker’s twine and push pins

And a whole lot of wishes for good health. I think Neil might like our new family room decoration when he gets out of the hospital.  It’s simply a length of baker’s twine with a slip knot at each end, held up with thumb tacks. Easy but effective! The kidney stone is still hanging in […]

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