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F is for Flickr

Two of meIn the Encyclopedia of Me, F is for Flickr. I’ve become kind of a junkie. I love looking at all of the great things that everyone has made. I belong to around 100 groups, many of which I’ve submitted photos to, and a handful of which I watch on a daily basis.

Did you know you can subscribe to Flickr feeds? At the bottom of nearly every page, there is a little RSS symbol. If you’re looking at the images in the polyclay pool, you can click on the RSS button and subscribe to a feed that will alert you every time a new photo is posted to the pool. If you’re looking at the page with your contacts’ new photos and you click RSS, you will subscribe to a feed that is updated every time one of your contacts posts a new photo. Neat, isn’t it? So in addition to the blogs I watch in Google Reader, I’ve also got some Flickr feeds set up for my favorite groups and for my contacts. Some of those Flickr groups are kind of fun, like the new A Picture Then A Picture Now group. Each photo must be of you holding an old picture of yourself. I posted me and my Kindergarten photo from 31 years ago. And other Flickr groups are just full of artistic inspiration. The more images of creative things I see, the more I feel like being creative myself. It fuels the artistic fire, that’s for sure. To find groups that speak to your own muses, you can search by keyword.

F is for Flickr. And the Fun that can be had with it!

New shirt

And now, on to a bit of sewing… I finally tackled that shirt pattern I’ve been lusting after, and I had mixed results. My first attempt was with a thrifted bedsheet, and all I can say is thank goodness I tried it with material that only cost me $1.50 because I can’t wear it! I made the largest size in the pattern and it was so tight I couldn’t get myself back out of it when I tried it on icon_rolleyes-flickr-2-2 Apparently a 12 in this pattern is more like a 6 in real life. A real 12 would have been fine for me, even roomy. This shirt threatened to choke the life out of me. Additionally, I kept making stupid mistakes and ended up ripping out 4 or 5 seams before I finally got it right. Altogether a frustrating experience, but I wanted to finish it, even though I knew it would be too small, because I wanted to see exactly where I’d need to alter the pattern for the next attempt.

Now I must go flip through my copy of Artful Blogging, which arrived today, and finish the Mike’s Hard Lime I just cracked open. I think blogging while intoxicated could produce some interesting posts, but I’ll save that experiment for another time.



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5 thoughts on “F is for Flickr

  1. Aha! It has a gathered neckline, not a yoke, as I’d thought. My bad, then, because I gave you fitting advice based on the idea that it had a yoke. My eyes aren’t always so good with photographs. However, you still would have had problems with it using measurements from the pattern envelope. AAAAAND, you didn’t waste good fabric making the tester. Always good.

    Hey, maybe some solic skirts to go with patterned tops, too?

  2. Oh my gosh-you haven’t changed since Kindergarten! (I mean that in the best possible!). How cute are you?

  3. I wish I could figure out Flickr! I am sure I would love it, but even being somewhat of a computer geek myself (engineer, photographer, etc) I am intimdated by the whole thing. I took the tour but still didn’t quite understand how to ‘use’ it. sigh…. I’ll try again because I know I should be able to figure it out. LOL

  4. Alison – yeah, there is elastic in the neckline. I actually modified it very simply – I added an inch to the pattern on the side that’s supposed to be against the fold (so, I effectively added 2 inches in the center of the shirt). Worked like a charm.

    Laura – thanks! I kind of like the way that picture turned out, myself!

    Oh, Michele, you would really like Flickr, I think! I was a bit overwhelmed at first, myself – I didn’t really see the point of it, to be honest. I uploaded a few photos anyway and let them sit there a while until I figured out what I was supposed to do with them. Now that I know how it works, my advice would be to upload a couple of pictures, and then search for groups in your areas of interest. If you like to photograph flowers, look for a flower group. Add your flower photos to the group, and other flower enthusiasts will notice them and start commenting on them. You end up getting to know other people with your same interests by seeing their comments on your photos and by looking at their photos. It’s really quite interesting, and you can have as high or as low a level of involvement as you want. You could just use it as a place to “park” your photos and show them only to your friends.

  5. […] the way, the shirt is the Built By Wendy pattern #3835 that lots of others are making as well. And the skirt is my own pattern made from  the Sew What! Skirts book. Go out […]

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