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A random and unexpected perk

So, you probably know by now that I started offering ad space here on the blog this year.  The ads are offered using an auction model, and so they are often changing, as bids are made and expired.  I am really enjoying peeking in here every day and seeing who is in the sidebar.  I […]

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Wintery things

So yesterday I got caught up in the snowiness of it all, bundled myself up, and went outside to run down the hill and feel the falling snow bounce off of my face as I flew by.  Four times.  I made a snow angel, and had a snowball fight, too. Before all that, though, I […]

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A Month of Hands

I’m eager to get into a new daily photography project, and here it is:  A Month of Hands.  Won’t you join me? Our hands are always busy, always making art, preparing meals, helping children, keeping journals, driving vehicles, holding doors open, tying shoelaces, applying nail polish, picking berries… all of those things and many, many […]

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Hands and nightstands

Becky from Whosies commented on a recent post and let me know about her Nightstand Play Along.  I snapped a picture of mine this morning.  To be honest, the nightstand is probably the neatest spot in my bedroom (notice how I rarely photograph any other section of the room?  Life as seen through the lens […]

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I find that my time in the kitchen (both when cooking and when cleaning) goes by easily when I have something entertaining to listen to.  Sometimes I play music and dance my way through my tasks, but more often I like to put on a podcast or two and listen to actual people talking about […]

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Yellow Week Two-fer

This is my task list for yesterday.  As I’m sure you know, I like to use an online service for managing my tasks, so why, you ask, was I rockin’ the old-fashioned legal pad yesterday?  It’s the same reason I am posting two days of Yellow Week at a time – my hard drive is […]

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Yellow Schmellow

Such a busy busy work day today!  As part of my 3-week-old “improve all of the neglected areas of my life” initiative, I’ve designated Wednesday as the day that I take care of all kinds of miscellaneous business tasks – essentially everything that isn’t packing & shipping.  Today it took hours longer than I expected.  […]

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