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Back to the Beach

We visited Ocean City New Jersey again, as we do. Every year it gets more difficult to find new perspectives from the same old scenery. This year, rather than fight it and dream up some new photo project for myself, I just decided not to force it. And yet, somehow, I still have a few dozen photos to share with you.

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Ooh La La, My Guster Glasses and Earrings

I’m going to a Guster concert next week. And I’m hoping to be one of the lucky ones randomly chosen to attend their new album’s listening party before the concert. And just in case I am chosen, I’ve whipped up a magnetic topper for my glasses, some earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, all inspired by the new album’s cover art. Because why simply be a “fan” when you can be “that weirdo who made jewelry to match the album art”?

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Lomochrome Purple, part two

Lomochrome Purple in the Autumn

When I shot my first roll of Lomochrome Purple in the spring, I thought that it was pretty interesting. But I also thought that there just wasn’t enough green around to make it amazing. I decided then that I’d need to try again in the summer for sure, but also in the fall. In the […]

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Cooper Gristmill

In the beginning of August, Neil and I took an after-work trip to Cooper Gristmill, a lovely historic mill surrounded by lush trees and babbling water. It’s been nearly three months since that trip at this point, but luckily images keep. Everything outside my window right now is orange, so the green of these images feels like such a throwback!

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Not a Rhinebeck Sweater

Traveller's End Cardigan

This weekend is Rhinebeck weekend, and I am not there. For the fourth year in a row. That’s ok, though, because I still have a sweater to share, and I wore it for a week in Ocean City, NJ, which is a very different kind of getaway than a weekend in Upstate NY would be, but it was nice in its own way, and perfect for new-sweater wearing.

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Wherein I spend several paragraphs talking about how I might be getting bored of writing photography-based posts, and then write a photography-based post. I explore the question, “why are my ocean photos often not as great as being there?” and I give you a peek at my new camera (and the first few images from it).

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The Otherworldly Vibe of Lomochrome Turquoise

I took Lomochrome Turquoise film to the beach, the swamp, the farm, the river, and the coffee shop. In some cases it looked like a whole other planet (for better or for worse), and in others it resulted in just a pleasant teal tinge. Take a look!

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