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R-Z are for Nine Different Things

In the Encyclopedia of Me:

  • R is for Running out of steam on this meme
  • S is for Singing, which I have done since I was little and still do nearly every day
  • T is for Tea, which I developed a taste for after marrying into an Irish family
  • U is for Unusual, which I sort of am
  • V is for Vegetable Aversion, which I’d love to overcome, but if you think something tastes bad, what exactly can you do to fix that?
  • W is for Water Bottle, which I am making an effort to fill and to drain on a daily basis (starting tomorrow)
  • X is for XML, which pertains to me more than Xylophone or X-Ray doesWink
  • Y is for Yawn, which I start to do every night around 10:00
  • Z is for Zinnias, which I used to buy by the bunch from a roadside stand on my way home from work at this time of year

Oh, wow, I am so glad that is over. Not that I didn’t enjoy it at first, because I really did. But I was starting to feel pressure to post every single day and not only to have something worth reading but to make it fit into the letter of the day. At this point, I am more in a mood to fly by the seat of my pants and post once a week if I want to, or twice a day if I am so moved.

Thanks to Cassi at Bella Dia for starting the Encyclopedia of Me. I enjoyed the challenge for the first few weeks, and I liked exploring some topics I might not otherwise have considered writing. But I’m done now. Summer is almost over and I don’t want to lose any more time trying to figure out how I was going to fill up a screen with something clever about the letter X Smile

So.  Want to see my first quilt?

First quilt

Well, it’s not finished.  This is just the top of it.  Inspired by how simple the lap quilt looked in Bend-the-Rules Sewing, I am undertaking a small-ish quilt for son #1 (to be followed by another quilt for son #2 and, if I’m still as excited about this project, a third for me).

This is the top, which I did tonight. It’s all Amy Butler’s Lotus prints, mostly in the Tea Box colorway. They’re not my favorite colors, but the boy loves red, so this is what I’m starting with.

I used all fat quarters: whole ones for the corners, 1/4 for the center, and 1/2 for the rest. It turned out to be 53″ x 61″.

The back is most likely going to be a solid color, and the border will be red. I am thinking of making coordinating pillows (or maybe just pillow cases for his regular sleeping pillow) out of some of the extra dots & stripes that I have.

I’ve been yawning now for an hour and 18 minutes.


Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “R-Z are for Nine Different Things

  1. Wow, I think your quilt looks GREAT so far!!!! I love the fabrics and they way you’ve put them together!

    1. Thanks! I am really looking forward to doing the green one and the blue one – those are more my colors, and when I laid them out last night, I was excited about working on them!

  2. What fun! I haven’t done a quilt in ages, and I even have a complete top pieced, and another all cut and ready to sew (unless I threw it out in a fit of pique while trying to organize sewing stuff. . .) Are you hand or machine quilting it, or tying it?

    1. I’m machine quilting it – just straight lines. The project in that book only involved straight lines spaced every few inches, and it looked really nice. It also looked as unintimidating as a quilt can look to a newbie sewer 😉

  3. Oh, BTW, I admire your persistence in getting as much of the meme done as you did. I am a living short attention span theatre, so I would have given up at D, I think. Heh.

    It’s too bad you already had a mention of Vin Diesel, or he could have been V. I weep, though, to find that you don’t like veggies. MMMMMMM. . .vegetables!

    1. Yeah, I just had to get through last week because I had a few I really wanted to do, but my enthusiasm totally fizzled after P for Polka Dots 😉

      I wish I liked veggies – I’ve been to the farmer’s market a lot this summer, and the vegetables are all so pretty. I’ve been tempted to buy them just for the attractiveness factor!

  4. You know, I’ve always wanted to quilt…or, no, that’s not quite exactly true — I want handmade quilts. I hate sewing and I think the cutting and piecing would drive me bonkers, but I love quilts. What I really want is someone else to make me some. 🙂

    Once again, I wonder if we were separated at birth…I’m not a vegetable fan either. I want to like them because they’re good for me, but other than broccoli, green beans, and peas, I can’t stand most veggies unless they’re hidden in something else — I don’t even like salad.

    1. I’m with you on cutting and piecing – that’s why I used fat quarters. The largest pieces are 18×22 and all of the other pieces only required me to cut them in half. No measuring involved. I’d get tired of it really fast if I had to measure everything and be perfect about it. Boring! Sewing that top took less than an hour – that’s a time commitment I can live with.

      You know, put together, we’d have a decent vegetable appetite. I hate the veggies you mentioned, but I do like corn, peppers, onions, uncooked carrots, celery and salad. If we were a single person we’d be in decent shape 😉

  5. Heh…I like corn (on the cob, preferably, but none of the other ones you mentioned). Yup, combine us and you’d get someone who likes a lot of veggies and has an obsession with just about every craft known to man. 😉

  6. Just a word of warning – if you’re going to machine quilt that, you’re going to want to buy a roller foot for your machine or the quilt will bunch up like crazy.

    There are almost no veggies I don’t like. In fact, there are few flavors I don’t like as a whole. I eat vegetarian with occasional fish, so it’s good to have that kind of flexibility. As far as everyone else in the family, they can pick out what they don’t like or learn to cook. MUHAHAHAHA!!!

  7. Great job on the quilt! I have become quite the quilt addict, and I just love to do them :O)

    1. Really? I’d love to see one sometime!

  8. I love your quilt.

    1. Thanks! I dropped by your blog and see you’re hip-deep in quilts-in-process. Impressive. I just hope I can manage to finish mine properly, never having done it before. Thanks for dropping by!

  9. […] fourteen months ago, I went insane and splurged on an Amy Butler Lotus fat quarter set, despite the fact that I’d […]

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