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Not a lot of chatter in the comments here these days.  I wonder why that is.  Am I talking about things that you find completely uninspiring? Am I not posting enough? Am I posting too much?  Does it have nothing to do with me at all, and everything to do with October?  That’s it, isn’t […]

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Back to School Book Week + Friday Photo Love

Since today’s theme for Back to School Book Week is an “anything goes” kind of theme, and since the book I chose to talk about is photography-related, I thought it would be handy to just combine the two related topics into one post. So here are my favorite flickr photos for the week: You can […]

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Friday Photo Love. and gadgets.

I’m feeling like some kind of addict for the last week or so – I can’t get enough of widgets and gadgets and refreshing my pages… it’s getting out of hand.  So, I’m just going to show you my favorite photos for the week, point you to a few of the widgetey things you might […]

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A Month of Hands

I’m eager to get into a new daily photography project, and here it is:  A Month of Hands.  Won’t you join me? Our hands are always busy, always making art, preparing meals, helping children, keeping journals, driving vehicles, holding doors open, tying shoelaces, applying nail polish, picking berries… all of those things and many, many […]

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They call me Mellow Yellow

More Yellow Week.  Did you know there’s a flickr group for this, too?  I didn’t think I cared much for yellow until I started seeing some of the striking photos people are taking. I bought myself flowers two Fridays ago and they’re still hanging in there.  Pretty impressive lifespan for a supermarket impulse buy. There […]

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Happy Friday!

Here are a few of my recent Flickr favorites. Click on the image for individual photo credits. So, it’s Friday.  For real, not just in my mind.  How do you plan to spend your weekend? I’m hoping to do a little something crafty, and try not to make any big messes 😀 Rumor has it […]

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730 Feet: a retrospective

I never mentioned Project 365 last week.  As in, I finished it.  As in, I’m done taking pictures of my feet.  As in, I no longer have to consider how my socks and/or pant cuffs will look on camera every morning as I pick out my clothes. These are some of my favorite shots from […]

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In a nutshell

(A rather large nutshell, apparently) Here’s what’s been happening in our Polka Dot Cottage for the last few days: First, we finally took that evening beach trip I’d promised the kids. Various factors had been keeping us from going for the last few weeks, but Wednesday we managed to do it. And Neil was able […]

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