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Summer weekend

Yep, it’s definitely summer. We spent yesterday afternoon swimming at my parents’ house with my sister & my nephews, and today we picked berries in our yard. We didn’t have a gigantic harvest – maybe 2 cups – but it’s a nice haul, when you consider we only lucked into these plants and didn’t have […]

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Curses! Foiled again.

So, I went and got myself a head cold. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, that’s for sure. I’ve pretty much wanted nothing more than to curl up under a rock all day. I’ve shirked all responsibility except that of the motherly kind today (I actually did alright in that department – we […]

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Colors, Colors, Everywhere

If you have small children at home, chances are reading the title of this post has reminded you of the Blue’s Clues color episode. You probably have that song going through your head, and it will be there for at least the next three hours. Sorry about that… Have you seen the A Year of […]

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So many goodies, so little time

So, in addition to the arrival of Donna Kato’s new book this weekend, I’ve had plenty of other distractions. For instance, this morning the mailman delivered two packages of interest. In the first, was this great little change purse from Trail Mix Designs. She had admired a few of my posies, so we did a […]

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Crafty Little Bee

I got a pile of sewing and claying done since yesterday, and you can see all of it in this picture! First, last night, I used my favorite fabric from the Freshcut collection and made a wraparound skirt from the Sew What book. I’m really happy with it, it was relatively easy, and I will […]

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