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Weekend quilty-sewey inspiration

I appear to be in Inspiration Collection Mode again, like I am nearly every year at this time.  I’m not going to let it paralyze me this time – in fact, as soon as I’ve finished here, I’m going to sit myself down at the dining room table and finish one of the quilt tops […]

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Morning Coffee with Alicia Paulson

Welcome!  Pour yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, grab a slice of blueberry pound cake, and have a seat.  This morning we’ll be chatting with Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy. This is the first in what I hope will be a weekly-ish series.  We’ll sit down with some of my favorite […]

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Catch up and slow down

I stole a few moments today to catch up with a handful of my favorite blogs. And then I immediately put down the computer, ditched my dingy shorts for a handmade skirt, grabbed my camera, and dragged the children outside, because it seemed like we could do some living out there instead of the mere […]

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57 degrees. That’s what the little weather icon in my system tray says right now. That’s what it said most of yesterday, too, for that matter. I’m not sure about the previous day, but it was not warm then, either. Is this really August? I’m this close to baking up some pumpkin bread and putting […]

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My new love is Turquoise

For at least the last 6 years, I have been drawn to dark colors, particularly in my clothing choices. I’ve been feeling recently like my home would benefit from a makeover, and I’m drawn to the dark for that task, too. If I were handy with a paintbrush, I would probably redecorate several of the […]

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Inspiration Overload?

I can’t believe I’m actually thinking of making myself an apron, or buying one from some talented Etsyan. Suddenly I’m feeling all 50’s housewifeish (without the clean house and dinner on the table, that is). It started around a month ago when I first moved my clay-related rss feeds into the new-to-me Google reader. Since […]

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