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J is for Junkie

Hi, my name is Lisa Clarke, and I’m addicted to skirt-making.

New skirt New skirt New skirt New skirt New Skirt New skirt New skirt New skirt New skirt

Yep, in the Encyclopedia of Me, J is for Junkie. I apparently have an addictive personality. Thankfully, I don’t dabble in dangerous addictions, so much as creative or wardrobe-related ones. My latest addiction is both creative and wardrobe-related. Am I crazy? Who needs NINE summer skirts? I’m done. Really. I made two skirts today, and I think that’s it for a while. I needed a solid-colored one to go with any patterned tops I may feel like wearing, so I made that today in a linen/cotton blend. I also made a funky bowling pin skirt, but I’m not really happy with it. It came out too wide for some reason. I’m sure it’ll be fine after I take it in a touch at the side seams. Why bowling pins? I have no idea. I thought it was fun and kitschy, even though I haven’t bowled in about 20 years. Maybe I’ll take it up now that I have something fun to wear icon_smile-flickr-8

New pendant and shirt

So my skirt addiction seems to be winding down, but is my shirt addiction just gearing up? I made another one like last time, but this time in the solid linen/cotton blend that I used for the skirt. I could technically wear them together, but I probably won’t. I adjusted the pattern this time so that it wasn’t quite so roomy in the waist and I like it better. And I like that it’s a solid color and I can wear it with some of my skirts. I don’t see myself becoming a shirt junkie. This pattern takes somewhat longer than the simple skirts did, and I think it’s a distinctive enough style that I don’t really want more than 2 or 3. I think I have one more in me and that’s probably it.

New pendant

I worked on finishing up the jewelry that’s supposed to coordinate with the bird skirt this weekend. Unfortunately, the orange darkened somewhat during the second baking, and the colors are no longer perfect matches. They still look nice, though, and after I drill a few holes and re-order some findings I’ve run out of, I can get them all photographed and in my Etsy shop. The pieces I’m not keeping for myself, that is icon_smile-flickr-8

Now that I have written this entire post, I realize J should have been for Jewelry. I’ve spent the last 11 years pouring most of my creativity into jewelry-making, but I forgot all about it, posting under the influence of my skirt-making high. Junkie, indeed!



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Posted on 16 Comments

16 thoughts on “J is for Junkie

  1. You go skirt girl! I have almost completely given up on skirts – I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s that feeling of my thighs rubbing together? Anyway, I *have* a sewing machine, but I’m just awful with it. I think I was created to buy things made by other people 🙂

  2. Masters in Junkie with emphasis on jewelry?

    You have taken to sewing like a fish to water 😀 I wouldn’t even make ONE skirt, let alone as many as you have!! Now..I would make scrubs cause they are so comfie to wear and are great jammies in the winter when it isn’t a bazillion degrees outside!

  3. But you make such cool skirts! And you wear them well, so why not?

    ::: giggle ::: What’s funny is that I was wandering through the Flickr pix from the PA Guild’s Cormier workshop yesterday, and recognized you by your skirt

  4. Kathy, I was out shopping with my mom last week on a really humid day, and I had one of those thigh-rubbing moments. Blech. Most of the time, though, skirts keep me cooler than shorts. And the elastic waist makes them even more comfortable. I say that on a full stomach of pretzel sticks, Kissables and root beer 😉

    Kathi, I’d love to make some jammie bottoms or lounge pants, but I think they must be more tricky than skirts. These skirts are not much more than tubes with elastic at the top. Easy peasy.

    Oh, Jenn, that is funny! And thanks for the complement. I just found out one of my favorite online fabric shops is having a sale, so my skirt-making retirement may be short-lived 😉

  5. I will find you a very simple scrub pant pattern. they are actually pretty darn easy to make. Sort of like two tubes with a seam in the middle and a tie waist band.

  6. here’s one…
    and another Simplicity #3633

    shall I go one? ROFL I do so love enabling others 😀

  7. I have the thigh problem, too, plus the saddlebag and poochy tummy problems. Of course, the ideal solution would be to lose weight and exercise, but in the meantime I buy some of those Flexees waist-to-thigh thingies. Bike shorts work well, too, but only for the chafing thing. Of course, I also wear my skirts a little longer – a remnant from my high school days when nearly every item of clothing came from the Indian clothes shop.

  8. Love the skirts – they look so simple and elegant ~ yet you can make them casual or dress them up. The perfect skirt. Love the fun fabrics

  9. Kathi – stop enabling me!! 😉 I know exactly what’s going to happen – I will find out just how easy it is, and then spend all fall/winter never leaving the house because I’m laying around in my new lounge pants. Heh.

    Alison – lose weight and exercise? Hahahah, you slay me! 😉

    Jen – thanks! They are pretty versatile. Wearing them with flip-flops and a tank top makes a different look than sandals and a nice shirt. And looking forward to fall, I think there are some tights and maryjanes in my future. Or knee-high boots if I can get myself a cheap pair on eBay 🙂

  10. Oh WOW! That’s a whole lotta cute skirts! You are like June Clever but with a shorter hem line. 😉

  11. Thanks! A shorter hemline and a messier house. And I’m pretty sure June Cleaver never served re-heated Dominos Pizza for supper, either 😉

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  13. Now, you >are

  14. […] to think that wrap skirts are going to be for the Summer of 2011 what elastic-waist skirts were for the Summer of 2007.  Time will tell, but I’m already off to a pretty good […]

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  16. […] to think that wrap skirts are going to be for the Summer of 2011 what elastic-waist skirts were for the Summer of 2007.  Time will tell, but I’m already off to a pretty good […]

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