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Good Morning, Sunshine!

I’ve been seeing comments lately from readers who say they look forward to reading my posts as they sip their morning tea… that’s so very sweet! But now, knowing that I have a legion of fans counting on me, I can’t go to bed without saying something entertaining, can I? (Perhaps “legion” is a bit strong of a word icon_smile-flickr-1-3 ) At any rate, bedtime postponed, witty post commencing in 3.. 2.. 1

New cane

I came up with a new cane idea in the car today on the way to the njpcg meeting, inspired in part by the bold canes by heurebleue2 which I saw on flickr. I wanted to use colors from one of my existing color schemes (in this case, Country) and I wanted to put various sizes of the bold round canes together into a big square cane. I am ok with the way this came out, but I would have preferred it to look more random and less kaleidoscopic. I know where I went wrong, and if I get a chance to try this again any time soon, I will assemble it in quite a different way. And maybe, I’ll add more stripes and reduce/reassemble one less time so that the design is bigger and bolder.

New bag

I got to do some sewing this evening, and I took the opportunity to make the bag I’d promised Eamonn. He needs something to carry his show-and-tell, his change of clothes (in case of “accident”) or his lunch (on the one day a week he has Lunch Bunch). When given the choice between a simple backpack a la Lotta Jansdotter, or a messenger bag like the one I designed for myself, he chose the latter. He picked the birdseed fabric and chose which coordinating button he wanted, and I whipped it up, making it a bit smaller than mine, widening the strap, and adding the lining fabric to the strap. I wonder how long before Aidan wants one with an Ultraman lining? Hopefully he won’t think of that because frankly, it goes against all of my design sensibilities icon_smile-flickr-1-3

Block party press

For the last few years, I haven’t worn many handmade things that weren’t handmade by me, but I seem to have developed an addiction to blockpartypress jewelry… If you recally, she made me a special set of beads last month, and just the other day I took advantage of a sale and got myself these pretty earrings. They looked really nice today with my Built by Wendy shirt in the Denyse Schmidt fabric (Heh. Listen to me name-drop).

Ok, I haven’t been particularly witty tonight, but it’s bedtime, and I think I actually want to watch the last half of a Stargate:SG1 rerun before retiring for the night. I’m feeling a deep need to be entertained before I sleep, for some reason.

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine!

  1. Ooooo! I love the messenger bag, Lisa! Eamonn is going to look like quite the little man with it! 🙂

    As for the witty part, I’m hardly ever witty past 8pm, and never before I’ve had coffee in the morning. So I’ll forgive you this one time, LOL!

    1. Oh, good, I’m glad to be forgiven 😉

      Eamonn wore the bag to school today, and he seemed to like it despite the fact that the strap could stand to be a few inches shorter. He even corrected his teacher when she showed him where to hang up his backpack. “It’s a messenger bag.” 🙂 Must have sounded funny, since he can’t really pronounce “messenger” LOL!

  2. I really like the colors in your new cane. It’s FUN. What do you plan to make with it? More cool buttons?
    And speaking of cool buttons…that messenger bag is neat-o! (did I just say neat-o??) The little punch of color in the strap and button is perfect.

    1. Thanks! I don’t really have any plans for the cane yet – probably just more of whatever it is I make 🙂

      And, yeah, I think it was a good idea to use the lining fabric in the strap, and I’m happy with the way it turned out.

  3. love the new poly cane, you always make such fab poly work.
    great colours

    1. Thanks! They are usually my favorite winter colors. They look great with dark jeans & a black shirt.

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