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More food for thought

The ownership and accusation discussion is still attracting a few comments here and there, but has died down for the most part. Because I somehow ended up consumed by this topic again today, I thought I would share with you some links where related observations and conversations have been happening. Just in case you haven’t […]

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Ownership, sharing and accusation

[edited March 20, 2008: I think we had some good discussion here for a while, but we’ve gone from respectful disagreement to finger-pointing and sniping. And I’m not saying I haven’t been a participant in this facet of the discussion, but I do feel it needs to stop. That was never what I had in […]

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They might be stripey or polka dot…

…but we can all pajammy in whatever we’ve got! Sorry. Sandra Boynton took over my keyboard there for a minute. Stripes. I wanted to talk about stripes. Dan Cormier got some really nifty-looking stripes with his take on the Skinner Blend, and I’ve been itching to try my own version for a week now. Since […]

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Blogging under the influence

Under the influence of TV, that is. I put it on simply to break up the silence, but to my surprise, Saturday Night Live is actually funny tonight. I haven’t been able to relegate it to the background like I’d planned. Maybe it’s because of where I am in my own life at this particular […]

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Checking in

It’s been a long day, exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Walking, lugging, more walking, more lugging, and even more walking – those were the exhausting parts. But the wonderful conversations with those who dropped by my table at the vendor fair, the opportunity to put faces to so many familiar names of customers […]

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Flickr, fresh air & ticking artists

Is it flickr favorites time again, already? Where did that week go? I know I was insanely busy, but I really can’t pinpoint where I spent my time. I can see some autumn influences working their way into my favorites – a couple of photos featuring pumpkins, and a few more warm, orange tones are […]

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Eye candy

Please forgive the less-than-stellar photography on these – I plan to spend some time making them look pretty in pictures after I’ve drilled the holes and strung them on cords.  I don’t know how long that will take and I didn’t want to wait to post these! So this first image is of the pendant […]

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Post Card

Having a great time. Wish you were here. Today we learned to construct Japanese inro pendants, and to decorate them with image transfers, stamps, pigment inks and the ever-important gold leaf. This is my pendant in-progress. It still needs the domed top to be added, and it could use some sanding/buffing. I’m impressed with how […]

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Donna Kato keeps making me do things

Note to self: When taking a picture of things on the coffee table, consider washing the fingerprints and sticky spots off of the glass first… I’m always happy to see some of my older work find a home. I just packed up these six Long Heart Pendants today and will be sending them away with […]

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