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Oops, I did it again


New shirt

I am completely incapable of having one of anything, wardrobe-wise. If I find something I like, I need to have it in several colors. This was true of me when I was a teenager and buying GAP pocket tees, it was true of me a few years ago when I was all about the Old Navy perfect fit tee, and this year I developed a liking for Target’s Mossimo tees and Old Navy tank tops.

This personality quirk of mine has manifested itself in my sewing. Just see the 12 skirts I made this summer, if you don’t believe me. It’s insane. I really didn’t think I’d go overboard with sewing shirts, because the pattern I’ve been using isn’t super simple like the Sew What! Skirts have been. It takes me at least twice as long to make a shirt, and if you know anything about me at all, you know Instant Gratification is my thing. Still, I found myself buying fabric for another one last week, and stitching it up last night. I took a page out of Lindamade‘s book and made the sleeves about an inch longer than usual and omitted the elastic. I like it better this way. The elastic got a bit wonky in the neck this time around, and I am going to have to spend a little time finessing it so that the kink ends up someplace unnoticeable. If I’d been on the ball when taking these pictures, I’d have done that first so you’d all think I was perfect icon_smile-flickr-3-3 Still, I got complements while dropping a reluctant Eamonn of at school this morning, from people who didn’t realize it was a homemade deal, and that was pretty cool.

Speaking of dropping a reluctant Eamonn off at school… I wish I knew what happened to the boy who ran into the classroom with nary a goodbye a few days ago. Today, as soon as we got inside the building, he started playing “hiding” games, and by the time we were at the classroom door, he was physically fighting me to keep from going inside. He was like this off and on last year, too. He loves school – comes home happy, telling me stories of all of the great things he did, etc. He just can’t deal with that initial separation. He’s got a tougher teacher this year (not that preschool teachers are ever really tough) and I don’t think she’s going to baby him into the room. As much as I would prefer to sweet-talk him into being happy about the situation, what he probably needs is a strong arm telling him matter-of-factly “this is going to be a nice time, now take off your jacket and go get a puzzle to play with.” icon_wink-flickr-3-3

Leaving your kid behind when he’s clearly unhappy is never a fun feeling. It’s magnified by the general malaise this month has brought to me. I’ve always considered September to be my favorite month. I love the feeling of getting back into a routine, and I love the crispness in the morning and evening air. I love picking apples, making pumpkin bread, sipping hot cider… I usually make a big deal out of the First Day of Fall and have the kids bring little loaves of pumpkin bread and polymer clay leaf pins as gifts to their teachers. I don’t know if I can do it this year. Part of me is in mourning. And the part of me that isn’t feels like it should be. I guess I just need to go with that second part of me and make a conscious effort to really do those things that have traditionally made me happy this time of year. I hate to wallow. But there’s a fine line between not wallowing and unhealthy bottling of emotion. I have to find my balance. Maybe I’ll just give October permission to be my favorite month this year so that I don’t have to feel like I’m missing out while I deal with my September issues. Nothing like a head game or two with yourself to make everything all better icon_rolleyes-flickr-5


Polka Dot Creations Color Challenge

On a completely different note, I thought you might like to see some of the entries in this month’s color challenge. I love the diversity. What are you going to submit? You’ve got another couple of weeks to Get Your Olive On…


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again

  1. I tried to figure out how to post images to the Color Challenge. I joined the Flickr group. For some reason, the images show up only under my name, but not to the group. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Also, were you ever able to watch the video on transfers by ???

    Sorry for posting here, but I could not find an email for you. No need to post to group—don’t want to look so incapable of doing something that looks like everyone else with a computer can easily do. 😉

    1. Actually, I would like to answer this here, because I think it’s more common of a question than you might realize…

      If you go to the main page for the photo (for instance, this one) you will see a menu directly above the image. One of the items on that menu is “send to group.” If you click on this, it will bring down a list of groups you belong to. Select the Color Challenge, and the photo will be added to that group.

      You can also use the Organize option under the main flickr menu if you want to add several photos at once.

      Hope this helps! I’ll email you privately about the transfer DVD.

  2. It looks great- I love that fabric! I’m still waiting for a day when it’s not too cold to wear the shirt here….wah.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I like the way you paired yours with a belt. I’m not brave enough to wear a belt, LOL!

  3. Love the shirt! Thanks to you, I’ve been looking at fabric (not that I don’t have tubs of it already) and thinking about digging out my sewing machine.

    1. Hee hee, I’m becoming quite the enabler… If you’re not careful, I’ll start giving you links to my favorite fabric vendors 😉

  4. I seriously LOVE that top Lisa!!!!!! It’s funny, I’m so afraid to sew clothes. I’m very impressed!!!

    1. Thanks! I was afraid of that pattern for a while – and the first one I made took me *hours* and was riddled with mistakes. And it was too small to wear. This is my 5th one, and I finally have it down to where I can make it in under an hour, and it fits me exactly the way I want it to, which is always a plus 😉

  5. Thanks for the help! I can’t believe that I miss some of the things that are so simple—but I am always in a hurry—more time to read blogs. (I’m addicted to blogs—forget the discussion groups.) I finally put up several photos on the Color Challenge.

    1. I understand that completely. I’ve got it bad for blogs… I’m glad you’ve gotten into the challenge – I love seeing everyone’s submissions!

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