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Better living through podcast listening

Every now and then I post about the various tools I like to use to get organized.  Then a few weeks go by, and I am usually posting about what a mess my house is.  The truth is, the best organizational tools in the world won’t help you unless you use them.  Sticking with the […]

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I find that my time in the kitchen (both when cooking and when cleaning) goes by easily when I have something entertaining to listen to.  Sometimes I play music and dance my way through my tasks, but more often I like to put on a podcast or two and listen to actual people talking about […]

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This is my podcasting pose

My creepy, larger-than-life podcasting pose, at that. No, I haven’t started a podcast. I love to listen to them, but I can’t imagine my place being at the helm of one. So what’s with the headset, then? This was me two weeks ago, when I was chatting with Ilysa Bierer and Kira Slye of Polymer […]

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57 degrees. That’s what the little weather icon in my system tray says right now. That’s what it said most of yesterday, too, for that matter. I’m not sure about the previous day, but it was not warm then, either. Is this really August? I’m this close to baking up some pumpkin bread and putting […]

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Luann Udell on Crafting Voices podcast

Got another interview for ya – Luann Udell was recently featured on the Crafting Voices podcast. This podcast is new to me, and I plan to listen to it sometime this morning. I found the link on Luann’s blog. I find it so interesting to listen to the artists themselves discuss their work and their […]

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Gwen Gibson on CraftCast

This week, Alison Lee chats with Gwen Gibson on CraftCast. I listened to the first half while I made supper tonight, and the last half while I cleaned up and folded laundry – gotta love multitasking I enjoyed the interview. Gwen has taken an interesting artistic path in her life. And while she says that […]

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