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57 degrees. That’s what the little weather icon in my system tray says right now. That’s what it said most of yesterday, too, for that matter. I’m not sure about the previous day, but it was not warm then, either. Is this really August? I’m this close to baking up some pumpkin bread and putting […]

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K is for Kaleidoscope

In the Encyclopedia of Me, K is for Kaleidoscope. I still remember the blue cardboard kaleidoscope I had as a child. I enjoyed turning the cylinder at the end, making the colorful little bits move, and creating beautiful repeating patterns of color. I have to admit I haven’t thought about that little kaleidoscope in many […]

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J is for Junkie

Hi, my name is Lisa Clarke, and I’m addicted to skirt-making. Yep, in the Encyclopedia of Me, J is for Junkie. I apparently have an addictive personality. Thankfully, I don’t dabble in dangerous addictions, so much as creative or wardrobe-related ones. My latest addiction is both creative and wardrobe-related. Am I crazy? Who needs NINE […]

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D is for Dr. Pepper

In the Encyclopedia of Me, D is for Dr. Pepper – the only Doctor I’d willingly visit every day…  And that’s really all I need to say about that, isn’t it?  Mmmmmm. I have been a walking ball of stress all day.  I slept poorly last night, which I’m sure didn’t help, and when I […]

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A is for Aqua

Let me start by wishing my sister-in-law (Neil‘s sister) a Happy Birthday. Despite what the picture may show, she is not a pigtailed 4-year-old this year I realize this is yet another greeting to a family member who’s probably never going to see it, but just the same… hope you’re having a great 27th, Shana […]

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Say thank you

It’s time for another tutorial! This time we call on the lovely and talented Crafty Goat, aka Angela Mabray. Angela shows us how to combine Sculpey Ultralight with inks and papers to create a unique Thank You Card. The variations on this technique are many, and the finished project is light enough and flexible enough […]

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A Flickin’ Weekend

Raise your hand if you were thinking yesterday that I was completely out of control. Oh, wow, look at the bevy of wildly waving arms out there. That must be the 86 people who call me a Flickr contact… I was an uploading machine yesterday! I am pretty sure I heard a collective moan each […]

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