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Post Card

Having a great time. Wish you were here. Today we learned to construct Japanese inro pendants, and to decorate them with image transfers, stamps, pigment inks and the ever-important gold leaf. This is my pendant in-progress. It still needs the domed top to be added, and it could use some sanding/buffing. I’m impressed with how […]

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Donna Kato keeps making me do things

Note to self: When taking a picture of things on the coffee table, consider washing the fingerprints and sticky spots off of the glass first… I’m always happy to see some of my older work find a home. I just packed up these six Long Heart Pendants today and will be sending them away with […]

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Good Morning, Sunshine!

I’ve been seeing comments lately from readers who say they look forward to reading my posts as they sip their morning tea… that’s so very sweet! But now, knowing that I have a legion of fans counting on me, I can’t go to bed without saying something entertaining, can I? (Perhaps “legion” is a bit […]

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Flickr, Firsts, and Fun

Oh, green, how I love thee. Green makes me happy You know what else apparently makes me happy this week? Pictures of feet on busy-patterned tiled flooring. It’s funny I should have two images like that in my favorites. Speaking of my favorites, I found a nifty screen saver today at You can configure […]

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Twinkling Toes, Pretty Posies, and Toothless Grins

Have a handful of scrumptious Farmers’ Market kettle corn and answer a quick question for me, ok? [poll=2] Thanks! And now on to other things… Like toes! A certain little four-year-old boy looked up at me the other day and said, “Mommy? Do you have green nail polish?” I didn’t. “Do you think we could […]

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57 degrees. That’s what the little weather icon in my system tray says right now. That’s what it said most of yesterday, too, for that matter. I’m not sure about the previous day, but it was not warm then, either. Is this really August? I’m this close to baking up some pumpkin bread and putting […]

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K is for Kaleidoscope

In the Encyclopedia of Me, K is for Kaleidoscope. I still remember the blue cardboard kaleidoscope I had as a child. I enjoyed turning the cylinder at the end, making the colorful little bits move, and creating beautiful repeating patterns of color. I have to admit I haven’t thought about that little kaleidoscope in many […]

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