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It seemed like a good idea at the time

Ever set out to make a small change that you think will be a Good Thing, only to discover once the deed is done, that there are repercussions you hadn’t taken into account?  It took me all of  five minutes to use flickr’s organizer to take 200 or so photos and change one property about them.  Easy!  But now, I’m going into my second hour of fixing what it broke on the blog.  Argh!

Let this be a lesson to you – apparently when you make any kind of significant change to a flickr photo (like, for example, modifying the viewing permissions), flickr generates a whole new set of thumbnails for that photo.  In other words, if I decide I don’t want creepy people favoriting my son’s nail-polished toes, and I set that image to private, I also have to go back to the blog entry where I used the 500 pixel version of that photo and give it  the newURL to use.  If I don’t, I’ll end up displaying flickr’s “This Image is Unavailable” placeholder.

I’ve fixed the most recent 8 pages on the blog, but I’ve still got a whole summer’s worth of posts to check.  Such fun.

On a more fun note, I’ve finished three child-size scarves complete with coordinating polymer clay button, and listed them on Etsy.    In addition to the green, there is also a red one, and a yellow and blue one.  These are just like the two I made for my boys.  I also reduced the price of my adult-size scarves.   I’m  still experimenting with pricing levels.  Ask me to figure out how much to  charge for one of my clay items, and I can do it no problem, but this sewing stuff is a bit more of a challenge to me.  I’m not as familiar with what the market will bear (although, I have done some homework in that area) and I’m still fiddling with what I think my time should be worth.

Today I am thankful that I was able to close my store last night, entirely caught-up with orders.  And now I can relax  for a  couple of days. Ahhhh.


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