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Almost time…

New rings

Less than 2 hours left in the color scheme contest, and there’s a flurry of activity over here. I’m trying to get the things I’ve made photographed and ready for the website.  The contest ends at midnight, and while I’m not crazy enough to post the results at 12:01am, I do want to take care of it sometime tomorrow.  The earlier the better.  So I’m taking some pictures, shaking it up, and doing it a little bit differently than usual.

New earrings

Normally I just stick everything on the flatbed scanner, and for some items that is still the ideal way. But I thought maybe I should attempt to actually photograph the more awkward items. After all, I’ve gotten a lot better with the camera, since becoming a flickr addict.  At least, I think I have.

How'd that get there?

Although I need to improve my speed – foreign objects keep throwing themselves into my shots before I have a chance to snap the picture icon_rolleyes-flickr-1-5  I tell you, he’s lucky he’s cute.

Here’s a little something I’ve been wanting to put together for some time: Polka Dot Creations gift certificates. You can get them in blue for the polymer clay afflicted who are interested in books, or you can get them in green for those who might like a unique pair of earrings. Both types work for any kind of purchase, so really the only difference is in the image on the front.

These are paper certificates that are mailed to you so that you can give them in person.

Ladies, your husbands have no idea what to get you for the holidays .  You know that, don’t you?  Point them to the gift certificates and everyone will be happy.

And as long as I’m showing you things you can do, I should mention the Polymer Clay Publications mailing list (or PolyPubs for short).  Every month I send out a list of the newest polymer clay-related books, videos, magazines, etc. to hit the stands.  Obviously I’d love it if you got your books from me, but I wanted this mailing list to be an informational service more than a promotional tool, and as such I am careful to include all of the relevant scoop on each product so that you don’t have to click anywhere to find out more.  You can print the list out and take it to your local craft supply shop, if you want to.  Or, you can click on one of the unobtrusive “buy this book” links and buy it from me.   Your choice.  Click here to join.

Now.  You have one hour in which to wow me with your color scheme naming capabilities.  I am pretty sure I have chosen a winner already, but I’m open to changing my mind if one of you swoops in with the quintessentially perfect choice…


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