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TWiP: Getting all Artsy Craftsy

This Week in Pictures, Week 30, 2022

Good old Week 30 of 2022 started quietly, getting back into the swing after our little vacation. Then one of the kids came home from his vacation (yay!) and I got all artsy craftsy with yarn and polymer clay.

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TWiP: Four Day Weekend

This Week in Pictures, Week 22, 2022

This is the mosaic of somebody who had a four day weekend and didn’t let it go to waste. I had family time, I crocheted, I played some more with the fusion of NFC technology and polymer clay, I used polymer and resin to copy a pair of beloved-but-no-longer-for-sale Etsy-bought earrings that I lost, I got my dirty car washed so it sparkles and shines, and I enjoyed the last of the peonies.

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TWiP: The Last Week of the Year

This Week in Pictures, Week 52, 2021

I can’t properly express how much it pleases me to be ending the year on a Friday. For TWiP purposes, all weeks end on Fridays, so when the end of a week corresponds with the end of the year, it just feels so neat and tidy. How nice for my 2021 photo and video projects not to extend awkwardly into the middle of another week! I’ve learned a few things this year, photographically speaking, and will tailor my 2022 project accordingly 🙂

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TWiP: Another Pandemic Christmas

Just like last year, we connected via video to watch everybody open their gifts from three different locations: the gathering at Mom’s house, my living room, and a quarantined bedroom. It wasn’t ideal, but I’m glad that we have the option of this type of alternate last-minute plan.

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TWiP: Polymer Inspired

This Week in Pictures, Week 50, 2021

I wrapped up my ornament-making season this week, and then whipped up a few jewelry pieces, because I was surprisingly still in the mood. That’s not great news for my dining room table, but it’s good news for anyone who’s been thinking they’d like a new colorful bangle bracelet to go with that sweater…

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