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Think you can stand looking at a few more scarves?

Or are you about ready to gouge your eyes out by now?

New scarves

These are for the boys. The one on the left goes with Aidan’s orange vest, and the one on the right goes with Eamonn’s blue vest. They’re both made in my usual way, with flannel backing, polymer clay buttons, and a few patches of a solid linen/cotton blend. The patterned fabric is from American Jane’s Look and Learn collection – I used a charm pack, which gave me one 4.5-inch square of each pattern in the collection. That worked out pretty well for these small scarves, except that I might have chosen different areas of some of the patterns had I cut them out myself. For instance, I would have focused on little boys playing instead of little girls in those patches on the left. So far A and E haven’t noticed, though, and I’m not saying anything!

New scarf

Kathi sent me the fabric to make this one for her. Good choices, Kathi, they go so nicely with the Blue buttons! Now, I just need to get this in an envelope and on its way. Sometimes that task takes me longer than it takes me to make the darn things! If any of the rest of you like this blue/purple one, there will be several more similar to it (and yet delightfully different) in my store the next time I get a chance to do some stitching. They’re all cut out and ready to go…

This might be a good opportunity to tell you about a few rss feeds that can help you keep track of my new creations for sale (just in case you’re waiting for a blue scarf, by chance). Subscribe to one or both of these in your favorite feed aggregator:

And as far as the three scarves I posted about today go, there are more views of all of them on flickr, if you just can’t get enough. Heh.

So, what am I thankful for today? I’m thankful that I managed to stay awake on a 45-minute drive this evening, even though I was sleepy. I picked one of my mix CD’s at random to listen to, and it was a very good choice – kept me singing the whole way home. It was quite an enjoyable ride, and not once did I feel too drowsy to get home. Whew.

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Think you can stand looking at a few more scarves?

  1. wow…I did good on matching the buttons. amazing from 3000 miles away *g*. You did a great job Lisa. Can’t wait for it to land here. You still have a day before it needs to be in the mail…since tomorrow is a holiday for the PO and bunches of other folks.

    The boys scarves are great. I bet they love the warm snuggly feeling of them 🙂

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: Closer to Hannukah

    1. Yeah, pretty good color-matching skills you got there…

  2. Wow I LOVE your scarves! They’re so different and cute!!!! Love it! ..great fabrics also.

    1. Thanks! I’m very pleased with them.

  3. The boys scarves are so precious & sweet (although I realize those are not “boyish” sorta words). Cool dude. Those scarves are awesome!

    1. Thanks! And frankly, I hope to keep the words “precious” and “sweet” in my vocabulary regarding the boys for as long as I possibly can. The alternative is too scary 😉 BOYS – ack!

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