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Evolution of a color scheme – step six

Make a nice set of canes

We’re in the home stretch now. If there are any steps you have missed, you can view them all here.

Once we have determined our final three base colors, it is time to make some canes. I consider this to be the fun part. I have a handful of standard cane designs that I make. Some of them are well-known, and others are of my own making. Some add very little white to the base colors so that they have an overall dark look to them, and others are quite liberal with the white. There are designs that seem almost textured, where the colors blend easily with one another, and then there are those where the lines are quite crisp and distinct. Seeing three simple colors used in such varied ways is very exciting to me. This is why I have no problem using clay right out of the package. By the time I’m done with it, who can tell?

Admire your results

I always make tiles when I make new canes, and this is no exception. [Ostensibly, I do this so that I have a record of all of the patterns in all of the different color schemes, but the real reason involves dumping them all out on the floor, and sorting them into piles, ad nauseum. It’s fun in a compulsive color-matching sort of way…]

At this point, we have to determine if we’ve accomplished our goal. When we look at these tiles as a group, are we seeing the same colors that jumped out at us in the original mosaic? Overall, I am happy with the results. I do think, if I had it to do over, I would make the aqua more blue-ish. Even though I copied the aqua that I liked the most in the mosaic, it gets somewhat lost next to the green. More blue would help it stand on its own better. Still, I’m happy enough with it not to start over.

New buttons

Now that we have all of these canes, it’s time to start using them! I’ve made some buttons so far, but I intend to also make some jewelry and things for the shop. And here is where your assistance comes in. I can’t launch a new color scheme without giving it a name and I’d like you to name it for me. Simply reply to this post with your name suggestions by Midnight, EST, November 30. The name I like best wins one of two nifty prizes.

Give away a prize!

Judy Belcher signed this copy of her excellent new DVD, Millefiori Story (thanks, Judy!) If you are a polymer clay artist with an interest in caning, this is a can’t miss title. Even absolute beginners can pick up many of these techniques.

And, since I know I have some readers who are not clayers and others who are, but who already have this DVD, the set of 8 buttons pictured above is also available as a prize. Wouldn’t it be fun to own something made in the color scheme that you named?

Now, there are a few rules:

  • Two entries or less per person, per day, please.
  • All entries must be posted to this post.
  • All of my color schemes have one-word names, and I’m big on consistency. Keep it to one word.
  • Don’t pick something I’ve already used.

December 1st, I will announce a winner. Additionally, there will be items available in the shop featuring these colors. I won’t be responding to comments publicly, so as not to influence the contest in any way. Good luck!


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Posted on 70 Comments

70 thoughts on “Evolution of a color scheme – step six

  1. This is the first time I’ve read your blog – your clay creations are wonderful! I arrived via your lovely new colour scheme buttons on flickr.

    I would like to offer the following names for your stunning new colour scheme.

    Firstly – KLIMT – named for the shapes and design structures.
    Secondly – TUNISIA – for the delightful North African colours.

    I would love to buy some of those buttons for my knitting – I’m keeping an eye on those!

  2. well…I have the video and don’t need buttons but…I will give my valiant name offerings anyway 🙂

    1: Holiday Peace
    2: Cranberry Spice

  3. I loved walking through your color palette process & I adore those buttons.


  4. I love the way you came about the color series. I wish I had enough time in the day to take on a project like this. Since I’m so envious of your skill with this project, I came up with the name “envy”.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these colors. I can’t wait to buy, buy, buy!!!!!!!!!!!

    My choice in names:


  6. This is fun and your evolution has been SO interesting.

    My two choices for today:


  7. carnation

  8. These colors are gorgeous! I just discovered your work and I love it. How about these color names:


    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sixties

    I love your blog, thanks!


  10. Ohhhh…I love your new buttons! Very pretty (no suggestions for a name, I suck!)

  11. Daily visitor, love these colors, I suck at caning so would love the video! LOL

    Today I’m submitting:

    1. Lilt
    2. Carnival

  12. I so enjoy your Blog! 🙂

    Here’s mine:

    1. Nutmeg
    2. Safari

  13. Not sure if it is the right color teal but if it is – how about Tiffany as your name

  14. Shoot… Diana Lau just stole one of the other names I had on my list — one of my favorites too (Carnival) — I was going to submit that as one of my entries for today. For some reason I’m addicted to helping with the name for this color scheme. My two for today are:


    Diana, please don’t steal my ones for tomorrow — I have a BIG LIST! ha!

  15. P.S… Lisa, you should do a scheme called ELECTRIC! — that’s not good for this one, but I like that name!

  16. Here are a couple more for today:


  17. How about Persia or Plumade, although that doesn’t include the teal color. I really like the new buttons and can’t wait to see what you make with the beads.

  18. As always, enjoy your blog. Thanks for finishing “The Evolution of a Color Scheme”. My two names would be “Evolution” or “Comfort”. Hugs, Sue C

  19. How about Persia for the richness of the colors. Another idea is Plumade to hilight the pink berry color. Can’t wait to see your designs with these beads. Maybe I’ll get the hang of commenting so I only have to type it in once.

  20. yes I am a doof. one word name…I see that now 🙂

    peace ah heck…

  21. Hi Lisa,
    I love your blog! Every day it’s on the top of my must reads 🙂
    Here are my two suggestions…

    1) cactus
    2) rhapsody


  22. Gotta say to Mindy, I really love your name ideas too! We must be on the same wavelength. 🙂

    My entries for today:

    1. Lily (per my exchange with Lisa who thought maybe “Lilt” was a typo)
    2. Parrot

    Will continue to ponder…

  23. Beautiful designs Lisa! As you know i sent my names in for yesterday to the wrong address! Doh! And they were…

    Quilt and Posy. (just wanted to get them in the right spot this time 🙂

    But my names for todays attempt are…

    Wildflowers and Picnic. They remind me of having a picnic in a field of wildflowers.


  24. For Today, Tuesday. . .

    Octoberfest because it reminds me of the colors of traditional Octoberfest costumes.

    Southern because it seems like warm, sunny days in the south with the big old quilts hanging in the sun.

    Hugs, Sue C

  25. How bout these?

    1. Eureka <I’ve found it!
    2. Serene <describes how the colors make me feel… 🙂

  26. The color scheme makes me think of two things: some of Monet’s waterlily paintings and Miami Art Deco. It’s really a gorgeous palette!


  27. […] thinking it was probably lousy timing on my part to do the color scheme naming contest the same week as the November color challenge wraps up, but what’s done is done, eh? […]

  28. Okay Diana didn’t steal my name today — hee!

    My two today are:

    1) guacamole
    2) preppy

  29. omg… and Leah nabbed my CACTUS entry too…. i know, i know… like I said, I have a LONG list and I’m addicted to this fun thread….

  30. LOL! Mindy! actually, my hubby came in and sat down next to me while I was putting in my first two choices….so I asked him what he thought of when he saw those beads….he said CACTUS LOL! so I entered it! he said thats the first thing that popped in his head when he saw the beads and colors.
    So Mindy…blame HIM, not me 🙂

    lets see…for today’s two choices….
    1) Moxie
    2) Snap

  31. Hi all!

    My entries for today are….

    sweetpea and luscious (becaue the colours are so lush!)


  32. Passionfruit

    Treasure Coast

  33. Here with today’s entries…

    Gypsy (for the bright melee of colors)
    Groovy (because I had tons of clothes in these colors in the 60s!)

    Man, there are some great names being posted…

  34. My two picks for today are:


    Hugs, Sue C

  35. Here goes for today….. 🙂

    1. Tranquil

    2. Blessings

  36. I can’t help myself – I’ve got to have another go!

    Today’s offerings are,


  37. I’m just addictied to this thread!!!!

    here are my two for today….

    1) Karma
    2) Parade

  38. Mosaic would be a perfect name. I had thought Jewel but I see someone else already suggested that. I love it whatever you call it!

  39. okay…. (yes, I’m entering names EVERY day)… my picks for today:


  40. […] loving reading your submissions in the color scheme naming contest.  I have to admit that I thought of a name on my own, too…  None of you has picked it yet […]

  41. Oh, I have another one…


    ok, two…


    Thanks again. What fun!

  42. What letter does it start with Lisa?:>)

    1. Ha ha, nice try!

  43. Lisa, this was hard enough BEFORE we had to guess what you had in mind! LOL But perhaps one of us can actually top your great idea…let’s see, for today:

    1. Tuscany
    2. April

  44. Let’s see, today I’ll try

    Woolens (the chenille pattern one reminds me of a beautiful warm woolen sweater)

    Hugs, Sue C

  45. Happy Thursday!….now don’t look at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears when I say:

    1. Primrose <there are hundreds of species!…not just the pink and yellow we see often!

    2. Frenzy

  46. Hi Lisa,

    How about…

    Arizona (you could do a color scheme for all 50 states 🙂
    Grand Canyon

  47. OOOO it’s so wonderful !

  48. ok…..for today….

    1) Whammy
    2) Jolt

    I wanna win! I wanna win!!!! 🙂

  49. I wanna win I wanna win toooooo Leahhhhhhhhhhh!!! I hope Lisa has something else for us to guess on after this contest closes!


  50. hey Lisa… can we have MORE than two guesses on the last day?… huh?… huh?….huh?:>)… can we?

    1. Ohhhhh, OK. Twist my arm, why don’t you? Tomorrow you can guess to your heart’s content 😀

      1. WOOO HOOOOOOOOO….but oh my goodness… that could be TROUBLE!… thanks!

  51. Okay Lisa, here’s the thing…blogs are so addicitive. You start with one or two and then those blogs link you to others (I call it blinking) and pretty soon you can’t get any clay work done cuz you’re dizzy from blinking. So I swore to myself that I was DONE for the night…and then I ran across this. How the %$#@ could I resist – this is just TOO COOL to ignore!!!

    So let’s see what names spring to mind for these fun beads…I would have said ‘cotton candy’ for sure except for that pesky one-word limit. 😉 OK, how about ‘psychedelic’ and “disco’ instead?

    And now, I really am logging off. Seriously. G’Nite!

  52. […] of you still playing along in the color scheme naming contest might be happy to know that I’ve been prodded ever so gently to allow a free-for-all on the […]

  53. Okay, LAST DAYYYYYYYYY peopleeeeeee and I’m going to be busy today, so while I’m still up, I wanted to make sure to post my final namessssssss. Lisa said to go hog wild, so here goes, it’s actually what I would call a restrained form of hog wild:


    … that’s all I got! Good luck to everyone — this was lots ‘o’ fun! I’ve known Lisa (and Neil) for years via email and business, purchased Lisa’s jewelry, but never really delved into the site and all the WONDERFUL things that are going on here…. this process/contest drew me in further and I’m so glad I did!

  54. Nonchalance

    😉 As I said a few times – I love it!

  55. Gosh the time’s gone fast, and i’ve only posted four submissions all up i think! Aaaahhhhh! final run at it….

    lollies and…….Pisces!

    Good luck everyone, and good luck Lisa is choosing! I reckon you’ve got enough names on here to cover your next five hundred sets! LOL

    Its been great fun and i can’t wait to find out who the winner is. (pick me pick me) hahahahaha…

  56. My guesses are:


    I’m horrible at naming things, Hope you have a Happy Day, Hugs, Sue C

  57. Here’s my last-ditch efforts, Lisa!


    Best of luck to all and can’t wait to learn the winner.

  58. Mod

  59. Ok ok I know i said that was it…but seeing its the last day i just had to have one more crack. lol

    Here are my last few suggestions… (I promise! 🙂

    Gaia (Greek Goddess of mother earth)
    Flora (Roman Goddess of flowers, nature and love)
    Hebe (Roman and Greek Goddess of youth…and a lovely plant! 🙂
    Venus (Roman Goddess of Love)

    All very apt names for your lovely collection.

  60. This has been a BLAST Lisa!
    These are what I have left on my list:


  61. Free for all, huh? That means I have to put my thinking cap on, and I have not yet had my coffee! Here are a couple:

    Gaugin (reminds me of the colors in Where Have We Been, Where Are We, Where Are We Going…)

    Seriously need coffee. Maybe more later…

    See what MelissaS has been blogging about: Winter Wishes

  62. My daughter says


  63. Oh man! As many guesses as I like? Wowzers. Ok, try…

    Limpopo (for some reason I came over all Rudyard Kipling)

    ’tis all 🙂

  64. Just can’t seem to get this evil color challenge out of my head…arrgghhh!!!

    How ’bout: Butterfly, Cocoon, Taffy, Retro, Dahlia, Cosmo (the drink of course, not the flower), Grapefruit, Lemonade, Fizz, Dizzy, Bramble, Cranberry and Tulip

    – Julie

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  66. Pageant

  67. […] friends and linking here. At the same time, there was a legion of crazy people trying to win the color scheme naming contest. That was a fun day. Heh. (I say “bonkers” and “crazy people” with love, of […]

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