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Leaf me alone

So the lawn guys were here today cleaning up two weeks-worth of leaves. They did a great job on the lawn, the sidewalk and the driveway. And speaking of the driveway, guess where most of the driveway leaves got blown? Yeah, oh so conveniently onto the car. And up against the garage door. Neil was […]

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Life’s a beach

They boys had requested a weekend at a hotel. We couldn’t swing that, so we asked them to make a list of their favorite memories from previous hotel visits and worked at checking them off. Hot chocolate. Check. Staying up late on Saturday night to play games. Check. And check. Finding a shore town to […]

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Color Challenge Finalists for October

Well, I had no idea Orange was going to be such a popular color! There were over 140 submissions in media as diverse as polymer clay, paper, fabric, yarn, paint, cupcake frosting and shoes! Tough choice, but I’ve narrowed it down. Allow me to introduce you to the finalists, before I reveal the winner: Papier […]

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Cookies, aprons, pants & more

We made a different kind of cookie yesterday and were waaaaay more successful than we were with the ill-fated Pumpkin Biscotti. This time I had the “help” of a little person, which is always nice, and we slaved away all afternoon getting that sugar cookie dough perfect. Yes, it takes the ultimate concentration to combine […]

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Every man needs a pair of cowboy pajamas

I finally made Neil a pair of lounge pants, but I couldn’t persuade him to model them for you.  When pressed for a reason why, the variety of answers I was given included “I refuse to be objectified by you on flickr” and “because I’m not five years old.”  What, only five-year-olds can appreciate cowboy […]

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Cookies for breakfast

I have these days where I know there is work to be done. Days where I have a glorious four hours of time alone. Time alone that could do serious damage to my to-do list. But something distracts me. Something makes me spend my four hours doing other things. Things that feel like fun at […]

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Evolution of a color scheme – step five

In our quest to build a color scheme from the mosaic pictured above, we have developed three color recipes and added some white so that we have six colors. Now we have to decide if we are happy with these hues. We’ve managed to match these colors pretty closely with those that we originally picked […]

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