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Every man needs a pair of cowboy pajamas

New lounge pants

I finally made Neil a pair of lounge pants, but I couldn’t persuade him to model them for you.  When pressed for a reason why, the variety of answers I was given included “I refuse to be objectified by you on flickr” and “because I’m not five years old.”  What, only five-year-olds can appreciate cowboy jammies?  Personally, I think he may still be stinging from the last time I posted his picture icon_smile-flickr-9-3

The nitty gritty: The fabric is Alexander Henry’s The Wild West, and the pattern is Simplicity 4429.

Oh, and the pumpkin biscotti?  Awful.  Probably my oven’s fault, as they were undercooked and never got crunchy.

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Every man needs a pair of cowboy pajamas

  1. Thanks for posting that pumpkin biscotti recipe — hubby & I really enjoyed having cookies, er, um, biscotti with our morning coffee. Maybe a coffee cake is next…? Our eyes have been opened to a whole new world of dessert-for-breakfast possibilities!

    You may have already tried this, but what worked for me on the biscotti was leaving it overnight in the unopened oven after the second bake. Helped, too, if there was a little space between the pieces. They weren’t nearly as chewy that way.

    1. Oh, yeah – my favorite kind of breakfast is dessert 🙂

      Thanks for the tip – I did leave them on the counter all night (and all of the following day, for that matter) and it didn’t help, but if they’d been in the oven while it cooled down, maybe that would have been enough to cook them the rest of the way. I’ll remember that if I ever try them again!

  2. They are great lounge pants–and what a shame he wouldn’t model them. His excuses made me laugh, especially the first one.

    1. Heh, yeah, he’s lucky he’s so funny or I could get mad, LOL! I really should just snap his picture now, while he’s working on his laptop in his new pants not paying a bit of attention…

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