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It was darn cold this morning

32 degrees to be exact.  It inspired me to get started on a line of scarves for my Etsy shop.  I finished the first today and have the fabric cut up for five others (one of which I am keeping for myself).

I used prints from Robyn Pandolph’s Empress Woo collection on the front, along with a nice linen-cotton blend.  On the back is a continuous length of cream-colored flannel.  I love these fabrics.  The Empress Woo skirt I made this summer is one of my favorites.

 I embellished the scarf with a polymer clay button.  I thought the colors in the Country color scheme went nicely with the Empress Woo colors, saving me from custom-mixing anything this time around.

I plan to make one more Empress Woo scarf, with colors that tend more towards yellow than green.  After that, I’ve got one based on the pattern in this skirt, one based on the pattern in this skirt, and two based on the pattern in this skirt (and one of those two will be mine – I can’t get enough of that Bleeker Street fabric!  It reminds me a lot of my Swamp color scheme, which is one of my favorites.)

I’m looking forward to making my own.  Plus, I really think these will make some nice Christmas gifts.  Hopefully there will be a few Etsy shoppers who agree with me…  And the best part of these scarves is that all of the prints are coming from my stash, which I have pledged not to add to until there’s more room in the box!



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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “It was darn cold this morning

  1. beauty! It coordinates great!

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    1. Thanks. I almost want to keep it for myself!

  2. hmmmmm gonna make any in the purples/blues? I know someone who might be interested in getting one to match either her motorcycle or her VW.

    was that a subtle enough hint?

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    1. Uh oh, are you trying to tempt me to buy more fabric? I’d tell you it won’t work except for the fact that I am suddenly overcome with an urge to browse through some fat quarter collections online…

      1. not trying to tempt…just letting you know some of us out here like other color combos 🙂 ok…I am trying to tempt.

        See what Kathi has been blogging about: Closer to Hannukah

        1. Well, I have to admit that I was inspired last night. I spent at least 1/2-hour trolling the internet for a nice purple/blue collection, and you know what? Nothing exists! I have still been stubbornly looking here and there this morning, but no luck. I would have thought that would be a popular combination, but for some reason, it’s not. There’s a lot of blue/green and blue/brown out there, but blue/purple is in short supply.

          If I do anything in those colors it will have to be after visiting a fabric shop and looking in person for things that look nice together, since it just doesn’t appear that any of the designers have done the work for me 😉

          1. well those silly silly designers. Sheesh. I know our Jo-Anne’s has a great selection in my color palette Blue green is good but dang….it needs a pop o the purple to make it really work yanno?

            See what Kathi has been blogging about: Closer to Hannukah

  3. Love that scarf! Thanks for your kind post on my blog today! I was surprised by the response!

    1. Thanks! And my pleasure – I know that feeling myself all too well lately…

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