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Evolution of a color scheme – step five

Are we happy with these colors?

In our quest to build a color scheme from the mosaic pictured above, we have developed three color recipes and added some white so that we have six colors. Now we have to decide if we are happy with these hues. We’ve managed to match these colors pretty closely with those that we originally picked out of the mosaic, but that may not be enough. No matter how scientific we try to be about getting where we’re going, we really only know when we’ve arrived by our gut reaction. Right now I’m going for an emotional response more than anything else. When I look at that pile of clay, does it “feel” the same as when I look at the mosaic of images?

My gut tells me I still have some changes to make. For one, the green is still not yellow enough for my taste. Additionally, I think I may have made a mistake with the pink I chose to copy. I’m now thinking that I would prefer a slightly warmer pink, with less of a tendency toward the purple. I’m also thinking that I’m making these recipes too complicated at this point. I’m going to start from scratch with the green and the pink.

Now are we happy with these colors?

I like these colors. I think they’re going to give me the feeling I’m looking for. For those of you playing along at home, these are the final recipes I used for each color:

  • BLUE: 3 Teal + 1 Granny Smith
  • GREEN: 3 Granny Smith + 2 Yellow + 1 Sweet Potato + 1 Leaf Green
  • PINK: 3 Red + 2 Yellow + 1 Maroon

The colors are Sculpey III colors. Additionally, Teal and Maroon are discontinued colors, that I just happen to have stockpiled. Polyform has a handy PDF with formulas for recreating the discontinued colors, if you need it.

Do a little caning

We won’t truly know if we chose well until we have a nice variety of canes piled up to look at. Here’s a little teaser. I’m not sure how these colors are going to work out, but we can find out next time…

Do a little caning

…after I’ve replenished my supply of Yellow Sculpey icon_rolleyes-flickr-1-4

We’re perilously close to needing a name for this color scheme. Hope you’ve got your thinking caps on!  As I mentioned before, I’m going to let you make suggestions for what to call this color scheme.  The owner of the winning entry will receive a little prize – not to mention the honor and prestige of having his or her name forever associated with those colors on the Polka Dot Creations website.  But more on that next time!



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1 thought on “Evolution of a color scheme – step five

  1. OMG! Thank you for posting the pdf for the recipes for those discontinued Sculpey III colors!!! I had frantically gathered up all I could find as soon as I heard. Especially of my most favorite color, red golden. But I couldnt find much. It was always in short supply for some reason anyway. But there was no other color out there like it. And I was dreading the day I opened my last package. Now I dont have to, thanks to you! I had tried unsuccessfully to make it myself in the past, but never thought to try the purple! Who knew? You are a lifesaver! XOXO Jamie

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