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Damp Fall Morning

Wet Fall Morning

Nothing reminds me better how small my children really are than seeing them dwarfed by nature. My four-year-old is merely a speck at the top of the driveway, easy to miss, were it not for his bright blue vest.

It’s a wet Fall morning here in New Jersey, the second in what promises to be at least four in a row. I actually look forward to days like this. I enjoy the chill in the air, the smells, and the memories they bring with them.

Wet Fall Morning

My freshman year in college, started out exceptionally rainy. I remember requesting duck boots for Christmas that year because my regular shoes were getting soaked every day in the walk to and from class. 18 years later (holy crap, is it really 18 years ago?!) I still have those boots and they still work. Had I been smart, I’d have put them on this morning, instead of my black shoes. I love these black shoes, but I’ve loved them so long that the soles are cracked, and any time I step on wet ground these days, the dampness always finds its way to my socks.

I have fond memories of getting drenched on the way back to my dorm room in 1989 and finding that most of my floor-mates had been caught in the same downpour. We would all put on our toastiest sweats and sit around together drinking hot chocolate from a hot pot and bonding over the weather. That kind of thing happened a lot, and to this day, I like to dress down and cozy up with a warm drink after being out in the rain. I’m sipping hot apple cider as we speak. And if I didn’t have to leave again shortly to go to Eamonn’s routine parent-teacher conference, you can bet I’d be sitting here in my comfy Halloween pants and not these jeans that look good but have a death grip on my poor waist.

Wet Fall Morning

So, we watched Aidan get on the bus this morning, snapped a few more pictures, and then it was Eamonn’s turn to go to school. The rest, you know: hot apple cider and pants that are too tight.

I had such a busy day yesterday between packing orders, restocking shelves, and food shopping that I barely got to stop for air until late at night. I have some craftiness in me that’s begging to get out. For one thing, I have three pairs of lounge pants cut out and waiting to be sewn (I bought some beautiful Freshcut fabric that I just can’t wait to turn into pants for me, and some Robots pants-to-be for the boys) . Additionally I would love to finish up the Evolution of a Color Scheme series – I want to see if the canes really reflect the mosaic like we planned! I’m on the edge of my seat, but can’t continue until I procure some more yellow clay. I promised Eamonn we’d bake cookies this afternoon, but I’m hoping there will be some time for creativity later. If not, what will I blog about tomorrow? The weather? (Again) I guess I could always blog about cookies. (Again icon_smile-flickr-10-3)



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Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “Damp Fall Morning

  1. wow Lisa – I so remember those days (and yes it was that long ago!) We had such fun times on Brown 1st :O)

    I was watching our small town homecoming parade a couple of weeks ago and there was a float that said “Class of 2009” I was shocked. Is it really coming up on 20 years since my highschool graduation?!?!?!?

    At least I have great memories to look back on

    1. I have to see if I can find that picture of you and me in our matching Drew sweatshirts sitting on either side of Bill Kimler. Remember that? Such fun stuff. I have so many great memories of that time.

      1. Oh yes, I remember that one!…. I believe I have a great one of you standing on a chair in your room (not sure why) but singing into a hairbrush. I have no idea why I remember that picture but it is a great shot.

        1. I totally don’t remember that! We should try and dig these pictures up…

  2. man I wish we could have some drippy damp raining fall weather. We have cold and clear at night (hi 40’d) but we are having bizarre temps during the day….gonna hit 90 today I bet. Heck the poor trees don’t know what to do. three weeks ago it was cold enough to make the grass go dormant and the trees to start changing. now… are blooming again. oy….making me crazy

    1. Nothing like schizophrenic weather to confuse the heck out of the plantlife.

      1. not to mention making ME schizo too 😉

        dang it…why couldn’t November of been yellow instead of brown. I just finished a TON of yellow stuff.

  3. I love fall. I love seeing the leaves turn, then drop. It’s my favorite time of year!

    I just stopped by to thank you for joining the etsyBEAD Blog Ring! Welcome!

    1. Me too, and thanks! Not sure why I hadn’t done it earlier!

  4. Isn’t Autumn terrific?! I took a walk with my son yesterday (at 15, he is definitely not dwarfed by nature!) and I reveled in the delicious smell of damp leaf litter. It brought back memories of raking huge piles of leaves as a child, and then taking a flying leap into them. I was never much help when it came to yard work. 😉

    1. Oh, I’m still not much help at yard work, LOL! I actually prefer the lawn with leaves littered all over it. I think it’s charming. And I like that smell, too.

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