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Tie one on for Christmas

Ho ho ho! Can I interest you in a splash of Peppermint Schnapps? No?? Have you ever tried this stuff? It’s like a liquid candy cane with a kick.  Christmas in a bottle. Hmmm.  I get the sense that you are actually here to “tie one on” in the apronish sense of the phrase, and […]

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Seasonal Napkin Disorder

Can one ever have too many seasonal cloth napkins?  Is there really such a thing as an overabundance of soft, gentle, go-ahead-and-use-them-everyday kitchen linens?  It’s been over two years since I made my first set of napkins out of quilting cottons, and in that time I have not bought a single package of paper napkins. […]

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Green (and pink) aprons

I may have hinted just a teeny tiny bit that I’d like to get a copy of Betz White‘s new book, Sewing Green.  With Mother’s Day and my birthday both being this month, it may have come up in conversation once or twice.  I might have flipped through the book at Barnes & Noble last […]

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Not so Secret Christmas Crafting

You may remember my totally-inappropriate-for-summer mini-flip-out over having found the perfect Christmas fabric for my seasonal napkins five months ago… Well, today I got started sewing myself a set.  I’d only done one when I took this photo a few hours ago, but I’m up to seven now. “Sure, Lisa, those look like they will […]

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In reverse

You probably know that my “thing,” for the last year or so, has been to create custom color schemes in polymer clay to coordinate with existing designer fabrics.  But long before I started matching fabric, I was devising my own color schemes.  I still use both types of color families in my current polymer clay […]

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See you later, comfort zone

Remember this apron I wanted to make? You may have seen this picture in my flickr photostream a few days ago. It was the fabric that I’d cut out to use on this apron. But it had two problems: The trim fabric and the cherry fabric just seemed to busy right up next to each […]

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I don’t think we’re in NJ anymore, Toto

Neil has been planning to be away this weekend for months, and I’ve been making little lists in my head of things that I wanted to accomplish while he was gone. Besides the requisite “something interesting to do with the kids,” I wanted to sew a couple of aprons & scarves to sell, ship some […]

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