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Color Challenge Finalists for October

Polka Dot Creations Color Challenge Finalists

Well, I had no idea Orange was going to be such a popular color! There were over 140 submissions in media as diverse as polymer clay, paper, fabric, yarn, paint, cupcake frosting and shoes! Tough choice, but I’ve narrowed it down.

Allow me to introduce you to the finalists, before I reveal the winner:

  1. Papier mache Jack-O-Lantern, by Tamara (Block Party Press)
  2. Polymer clay Sunset Butterfly, by Jael’s Jewels
  3. Fabric pincushion, i chose orange, by Erin (House on Hill Road)
  4. Fabric freshcut bag, by Katie Smith
  5. Fabric Sparrow bag in brown and orange, byJamie (Fancy Farm Chick)
  6. polymer clay tile mosaic, by anticipation_05
  7. Polymer clay pendant, Cutout 2, by Bettina Welker
  8. customised crocs / ORANGE, by Roscom
  9. Mohair bunny, Marmalade Side, by Lisa Thoms

I encourage you to take a closer look at these photos and at the rest of the ones in the pool! Leave your comments on the photos over at flickr and let the artists know what you think – it’s always gratifying to hear that something you made has gotten a positive reaction from another creative type.

If you are one of these finalists and would like to elaborate here on what was involved in creating your entry, be my guest – the comments section is yours icon_smile-flickr-3

And now, I turn to the trusty random number generator (aka me, picking a number out of a bowl) to select a winner:

Drumroll please…

And the winner is… #4!

Congratulations, Katie Smith! I love the fabric you used on that purse (which is obvious if you’ve seen my new pants)! I will be emailing you shortly with information about your $25 gift certificate.

Everyone else, time to start thinking about November, when our color will be… BROWN! Thanks for your participation!



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Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “Color Challenge Finalists for October

  1. I am so excited!! Thanks a million! Can’t wait to use my gift certificate! This is soooo much fun!
    Yes, I used freshcut fabric for the top of my bag. This is my favorite fabric lately. I then used orange ultra suede for the bottom. I lined this bag with canvas instead of interfacing.
    I love those orange shoes!
    Thanks Lisa!

    1. My pleasure! I also really enjoyed seeing your bedspread made with the same fabric. My husband put the kabosh on that idea, so I made pajama pants instead 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for including me in the finalists!
    Congrats Katie, very cute bag!!!

    1. My pleasure – I love the sparrows.

  3. Wow! Thanks it is so nice to have one of my bunnies chosen as a finalist.

    Congratulations Katie!!!

    See what Lisa has been blogging about: I’m Baacccccckkkkkkk and Other News!!!

    1. I just have a “thing” for your bunnies, apparently! I wish I could justify the expense of putting one of those little guys on my shelf 😉

      1. I hear ya’ Lisa! I want a teddy bear done by another Bear Artist so I’m going to tell Santa (a.k.a. hubby) as he never knows what to bring me!

        See what Lisa has been blogging about: Michelle Lamb Class

  4. Thank you for choosing me as a finalist! My first mosaic was considered for an award….how cool!

    1. I’m very impressed with all of the different techniques you utilized in that piece!

  5. woohoo to Katie, great selection of goodies this month.
    Lisa – big thanks for hosting

    See what KARA SPENCER has been blogging about: Have a Scarily Good Time

    1. Sure! I was surprised at how popular orange was.

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