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TWiP: Montague

This Week in Pictures, Week 29, 2022

I know myself well enough to realize that if both of my kids are off on grand adventures, I am likely to feel a tiny bit jealous and wish I was on an adventure of my own. That’s why, when it became clear that Neil and I were going to be alone for two weeks in July, I sweet talked him into booking an Airbnb for ourselves for some of that time. Well, that time has come and gone, and I have the pictures and videos to prove it.

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TWiP: Abandoned in New Jersey

This Week in Pictures, Week 28, 2022

Our kids have flown the coop this week, abandoning Neil and I in New Jersey, while they go off on separate adventure. We’ve been at loose ends a bit with our nest temporarily empty. It seems that I eat an overabundance of junk food when the house is too quiet, while Neil throws himself into decluttering. I ask you, which of these methods of coping is more enjoyable? 😀

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TWiP: Local flavor

This Week in Pictures, Week 27, 2022

This past week involved a glorious four-day weekend. It’s hard to go wrong when there are all of those work-free days available. I spent them hanging out with family, puttering around the kitchen, starting a new crochet project, and appreciating many of the joys that my little corner of New Jersey has to offer.

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