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The Accidental Thrifter

I dropped Eamonn off at preschool this morning and decided to take action and do something about my desperate hair situation.  My bangs were down past the tip of my nose and I’ve been grousing for a month.  I went someplace different than my usual, and on the way home I passed the Salvation Army […]

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Evolution of a color scheme – step two

We’re creating a new color scheme together, and our first step was to make a mosaic of photos that included colors we might want to use. Our task now, is to use that mosaic to generate a color palette, from which we can choose our three main colors. A simple Google search for “palette generator” […]

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Evolution of a color scheme – step one

I’m creating a new color scheme, and I’m taking you with me. Interested? Here’s the scoop: Normally when I plan a new color scheme, there is very little actual planning involved. I have a vague idea of at least one hue that I want to use, and the rest comes about while standing in the […]

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A napkin-ey weekend

  As you may know, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in so much stuff this week, but I needed some moments of brainless activity to help keep me sane. Sewing a series of straight lines is brainless enough for me, so I worked on my non-seasonal everyday napkins. I did a few every day […]

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So many gorgeous things on Flickr this week… I needed two mosaics! I’m not particularly in an analytical mood, so take some time and just drink in the loveliness Click on the photos to see the credits for each mosaic. I’m so excited by the submissions to the color challenge this month! Who knew orange […]

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This is my podcasting pose

My creepy, larger-than-life podcasting pose, at that. No, I haven’t started a podcast. I love to listen to them, but I can’t imagine my place being at the helm of one. So what’s with the headset, then? This was me two weeks ago, when I was chatting with Ilysa Bierer and Kira Slye of Polymer […]

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The sweet, the sinister, and the filthy

I sent of my contribution to the Sweet & Sinister Swap yesterday and got this box in return. It was stuffed to the gills with neat things – things that I enjoyed opening and looking at, and decorating my house with. Handmade things. The aesthetic is so different than that of the box I sent […]

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Even crap is beautiful tessellated

Words of wisdom from Judy Belcher: “Even crap is beautiful tessellated.”  I love it.  Along with the rest of this new DVD.  Millefiori Story showed up yesterday and over the past two days I have watched the whole thing, from checkerboards to quilts to faces.  There are over two hours worth of caning techniques, starting […]

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